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Dude you are in an anime lounge bitching that people watch anime and do like the TV show you like..


May you please show me examples of this pedo trash anime you are talking about or is this a generalization?


Are you seriously asking me that? Just look through the thread. One of the first pics is from Ero-manga sensei. If that show is not a trash then what is it?


That's the concesnsous though. Everyone knows it's trash. Same thing with the Oreimo series.
There is tons of trash shows. Honestly nothing wrong with dabbling in it as watching a completely dry Sitcomm. Some people enjoy what they want.

Also that Koolaid comment was a joke.

For one thing, I am not going to get myself into a long drawn out series for the same reason that Nauruto or One Piece. An endless show with many many arcs regardless of how good the experience may be.

I just enjoy content that makes me happy.

Also the Pedo thing is not the main focus in anime.
There is far too many demographics to just focus on that. Its such a niche thing to get that bit of money out of that group.

There is a few demographic age groups of anime but that does not necessarily mean the content fits the demo. There is tons of crossover in terms of genres for the content itself.

Sometimes animation studios throws out of context snippets it because it can mean a potential boost in sales.


Assuming all anime is pedo bullshit is like saying (using music genre examples) the entire metal genre only consists of songs with long bombastic noise with guttural lyrics praising Satan, all Country music is singing about American patriotism, beer, Jesus, and monster/pickup trucks, or all Hip-Hop/Rap is about how much money you have and how many hoes you fuck in a day.

It is totally fine if you do not like anime, but to base it off an ignorant opinion that may hold no water does not help your case when you argue why you do not like a particular thing.


Well said.

Also Eromanga sensie isn't just any trash, it is the pinnacle of trash.


I never said all anime. What are you complaining about


Maybe that will be more fit to that anime where girls were battling between them with their butts and boobs...


Yes, how could we forget Keijo

But Eromanga Sensie still reigns supreme overlord of trash anime.


I watched the beginning of Only Yesterday. It was kinda sweet but showed to much of his age for my taste so I decided to stop. (and strangely, all the movies I skipped so far are the ones directed by Takahata. Will see with Pom Poko if that trend continue)

So I went on Porco Rosso. Was a good movie and I laughed a lot. The men were machos, but it fits with the story. And was agreeably surprised there was also attacks toward facism in a Ghibli movie.

And it always strange when there's a song you can understand in a movie when you don't expect that (a song in french). Something also I found surprising, since the first movie, Miyazaki was already a lot more progressive, breaking sexual stereotypes and all that, than most men are today.


Seems like One Piece is again getting enjoyable like I remember this iron bridge episode 639 from which I have every now and then checked the date for how long that Dressrosa arc has been stalling, and it turned out to be doing that for 2½ years.

It'd be kinda goofy to go check for how many episodes Luffy just runs around arena, it must have been like at least for 6 months! :smiley:

Punk Hazard Arc ends 625
Whole Cake Island Arc starts 783

aka been hating "everything" from December 15, 2013 to April 9, 2017

Think the only episodes I have skipped before are some Usopp ones and then Drum Island arc which seems to have been 78-91, 14 episodes


Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun is hilarious, I'll be following it.

also the ending is gold with it's old animation style and song


pinnacle of trash is too low a bar, it's achieved so much more in trashiness. Where did the story go? Oh, wait, nowhere? Oh, you only had 12 episodes to do it in?

disappointment all around. Can't say I'm surprised though. Makes me feel a little better about the dumbass stories I write if shit like Eromanga Sensei can get a freaking anime adaptation just for having a token loli sister character.


it had a decent premise, it could have been good but no, the author thought I want to make the trashiest piece of shit I can


I imagine this would be the reaction from the author if confronted about it, @KemoKa73


Yup. Could have been an excellent story.

It didn't even have any win...


I enjoyed Porco Rosso. I don't know why, but it made me think of Tailspin, probably just the plans haha.

I wasn't a fan of Pom Poko at all, it was meh at best IMO.

Finished Interviews With Monster Girls.
I thought it was pretty good, I also really liked the art and design for Takanashi, and Machi.


Here I found a show that is not Trash and full of lolies.

Kakegurui / Compulsive Gambler - A psycho girl with gambling fetish. Something like the combination of Kaji and Prison school.




What's your problem. Prison School was actually pretty funny. I know it was full of fanservice but that doesn't make a series automatically bad.