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Ah, forgot about Eromanga sensei, I am watching that as well.


Come to think of it, I need to find my anime list... I haven't updated it in ages.


myanimelist only takes in long positive reviews and declined my short negative breakdown, maybe that has some factor for following rant.

That said I did manage to pierce that bubble enough to make them consider romance genre more carefully as many years it has been the so that new anime airs as romance with obvious harem poster, and later on it gets changed to just harem. Which is larger problem as myanimelist is used as anime wiki.

I like watching romance animes and even though I do judge them by covers and its clear that the anime is not romance, I have to check it and of course its harem as I suspected.. :disappointed_relieved:

A bit like advertising GPU being for 4k and it barely does 1440p, then the end result from that is that nobody knows even though you basically need twice as much raw power to run it.


I just use myanimelist as a list..That is the only function I use it for..


Aside from what other people have said, there's something else about MAL that just... irritates me. I guess it's just the fact that there are so many fields that it thinks you should type in. Like, hell if anyone cares whether an anime I have on the list is On-hold, Dropped or Plan to Watch. It would be better off if it were a database first and a listing thing second.


My job as in spreading the cancer? Or spreading the momiji art?


Oh, is this where you're spreading your love these days, Fred?


The anime i'm watching from this season are:

  • Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records
  • Re:Creators
  • Shingeki no Bahamut - Virgin Soul
  • Boku no Hero Academia (second season)
  • Granblue Fantasy
  • Boruto

Enjoying them all so far :smiley:


I have updated the allowed sites.
Let me know if I should change anything else. Thanks guys, and gals.


I don't think you need to have a white list, just people need to be reminded not to link to fansub or manga scan sites. We all know how to google anyways :wink:


I want to watch this. Binge watched Genesis, it was glorious.


Yeah, you should
I also binge watched Genesis, and i agree with you :smiley:


That is a bit much since I rent.
I'm still exploring my options as I need to ditch my useless dresser.


I guess I'll need a new drive for my anime


I only have 226gb in an anime folder..I have not dl anime in forever..
I should gin no saji I really like that anime..But meh..


Weird history bonus from my perspective

  • Whatever to 2k
    Did only watch Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and later on have been liking just few anime from this era.
  • 2k to 2009
    Clannad, Vampire Knight, Chrono Crusade. Honestly, I was not aware of other animes and these things worked through sketchy Megaupload links.
  • 2009-2010
    Streams, I decided to watch Bleach which is still today my all time favorite anime.

2010 CGI started to be nice with Dante's Inferno movie & Bakemonogatari anime

  • 2010 to 2012
    Bleach was still airing and got some of these cool CGI effects, Bakemonogatari, Dance in the Vampire Bund which uses same CGI engine as Bakemonogari.
  • 2012 to today
    Sword Art Online happened and "Sony's Illuminati Board" seemed to quickly realize that nobody has done corny "dark hero & damsel in distress" type of stories which are instant successes like Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. Games have conjured some really fine quality anime like Tales of Zestiria & Shingeki no Bahamut.

Bonus music notes:

  • Aniplex = Sony Music Entertainment Japan
  • Would argue that Japanese music has worlds best reach because of anime, but at the same time they shoot themselves in both feets by so aggressive takedowns that its impossible to find songs or even hear them outside anime OP/ED's.
  • Countermeasures caused Nightcore to happen.
  • Found interest to learn guitar again from neat Jrock riffs which are very similar to Foo Fighters riffs.

Bonus bonus note.

  • Recently Chinese animation has been happening but they weird me a bit with Korean backstab drama like dialogue.


I keep trying to dedicate time to watching and finishing Penguindrum, but life is getting in the way as usual. sigh

I'd like to actually watch some shows this season as well, but only Royal Tutor has been interesting enough for me to keep watching it, and I haven't had time to check out any of the other series.


It's funny I'm watching a few series but I'm only really excited for Boku no Hero


The OP should be terrified of you because you are the who got my Anime thread locked.

By the way thanks for that.


Was that the NSFW waifus thread?