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Which one?


The one that isn’t trash


depends on your states laws
Or just assign a number to each waifu in no particular order and pick a number.


I need to stop being. such. a. fucking. dick.


I need help.


Pretty tame tbh.
Have not seen anything along the lines of kys or go die. etc.


Literally me and my friends in every discord server lol. Things like that makeup like 20% of our conversations. lmao

I can’t even english today


Honestly same. Its just too hard to not pass up the opportunity.
Oh wait back to anime. I get in random moods or get in that group mentality but for the most part don’t go and try to insert a flame at every available spot.


“It’s ok because she’s actually a thousand years old”


I don’t judge. okay maybe a little in some regards but not going to stop someone from doing what they want.


Watch more slice of life anime. I recommend Non Non Biyori, Barakamon and K-On for now.
3 episodes daily should be enough. If necessary you can increase the number to 5 but no more. These are highly addictive.


I’m tempted to just start writing random stuff since I get board alot of the time while I’m on my PC so I might just start writing a fantasy story or something and releasing it for free somewhere



I can help with that


I wonder… I’d like to do that but it’d have to be somewhere like Deviantart where you still retain all rights to it. I’m sure there are loads of sites like that. Just need to get the stories up and running. Setting up all the introductions, exposition and worldbuilding at the beginning is a pain.


da fuq happend here???


I definitely want another season.


might have a look for sites where we keep all the writes to the books then just start writing some random shit