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If you just wanna make stills, you can do 3d sculpting, buf if you need that shit animated (like for tentac- game with squids as enemies) you’d need to do cage modeling by either retopologising the sculpt or doing it from scratch. You need good topology so when you rig that shit it deforms nicely when it’s animated.


Thanks for the tips, I’ll have to give them a try.

Shading is one of my stronger suits, as far as drawing goes.


bruh I can barely draw a circle. I drew PAGES of circles to get somewhat consistent. Even my warmups before drawing consist of a row of circles.

tfw you know solidworks as well

Solidworks is for engineering. Modeling for artsty shit usually uses Zbrush which I think is a bit different. Haven’t used it though so can’t say much more than that.

he knows da wae. Heck I keep some of my first paper drawings since it’s fun to see actual progress.


Does anyone else laugh at their work (at least when it’s bad), while they’re working on it?


No i usually cry…


I generally think a drawing is good until I look at it several days after having shelved it. Then I cringe. And then throw it away when I look at it and cringe again several months later.


> be me
> code something
> “Looks good”
> next day
> “Who the fuck did tha- shit…”


Oh… um… maybe that’s why I laugh at it, keep from crying.

I’m definitely not to that point yet. Just hilariously bad. I am making progress though.

I Guess at least I’m having fun with it haha.


The only thing keeping me going forward. When I lose it, I don’t code for months unless I have too.


I’ve learned the basics of HTML to make a weebsite, but I found out that I also need to learn PHP, so I’ve been taking a brake for a while. I’m a bit all over the place with my hobbies.




Man, I don’t really want to run the AL too far of topic, so I’ll reply in the main lounge.


Precisely what I mean by “Your brain gets used to how something looks when you’re making it.”


I’ve used it for plenty other things than engineering. The way I see it is you can use solid works for simply designing things or to actually 3D print things which can be artsy too like printing a portal gun or something which can be designed in SolidWorks that can be or has been designed in whatever is used for designing things in videogames.


thing is, I’d like nothing more than to be able to draw well enough to make an actual storyline. The storylines are all there in my head (8 of them and counting) but because my drawings aren’t what I’d consider up to snuff, I have to write them like novels ;.;

Maybe someday when I’m old and widowed and have nothing better to do than draw and write…


I have (what I’d consider to be) an interesting world/landscape in my mind, it has a few key points for a story too, but I haven’t tried to turn it into something yet (I’d have to pay artists). I think I could finish the story myself for the most part.

This was a dream I’ve had a few times.


Wait so I have been putting neskoi season 2 off because I thought He asks the blonde chick out and she says no or some shit but I just read the spoilers and it sounds like she says yes? Someone tell me how the relationships end up in the end please


I like how the anime lounge is becoming the art lounge.

pssst you need to be married first, before ever dreaming of becoming widowed


Just marry your waifu.