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I don’t know why I replied to something that old. It seems like it got sealed off.

I can understand that, but at the same time it makes yah’ wonder… hmm…


Wonder what?


if it was bait or not


It’s not


This guy knows what is up

Not anime related

Right, unless you want to zoom in, and lose the very top and bottom which work well for the most part, but I find I just leave it in 16:9, and deal with the boarders. This is a bummer, but I must say the OLED screen more then makes up for it IMO (need this screen in 16:9).

I will say compared to my 6.8" Huawei P8 Max, it is much nicer to hold, but while using them both they need a little extra finger maneuvering.

I like edge to edge displays, more screen in a small body is a win win IMO, however the “Infinity Display” (the screen that wraps around the edge) is very annoying, it always has color shift, and if your using the pen to draw or select text near the edge of the phone, it will slip right off.

A bit of an old post, but I’m going to give my 2 cents.
I’ve had a couple of these Fujitsu, and I think they are great. The pen is a Wacom just like the drawing pads you guys were sharing, but this one you draw right on the screen. I bought mine with everything for $120 off Ebay at least 3 years ago, so I’d think they’d be less then $100 now. If your interested I’ll look into it more.

This is the T901


Half expecting a Core 2 Duo



Right. Mine had an I5 though and 4 gigs of ram. I think businesses/schools buy them in bulk, so they flood Ebay when they’re upgraded.


Business-grade laptops have always been good options because when companies upgrade everything, they unload ALL OF THEM, and you can get laptops that are better-built than 99% of everything sold to staples and walmart-tier consumers currently for a tiny fraction of the cost. And because Sandy Bridge is still very, very useable these days, they’re almost always terrific deals.


I did look into buying a new Fujitsu, but the cheapest one was like $1,600 IIRC.

I learned how to draw cars on it, I’ve been trying to apply that to anime girls, but I just can’t visualize the lines like I can with cars (not sure if that made any since), which is a little upsetting haha.

Fun fact, my avatar was drawn on it.



I am expecting great things of you now.

Inb4 next Miyazaki




I didn’t make the gif ok


Haha, I don’t think so, my cars never got that good (little more practice, they’d probably be fine), and I can’t seem to figure out how to draw a sphere with details like a head.

While I was typing this I thought of something to try, I’ll have to give it a go again.


Gotta just put in some time into it. I believe in ya man. Pls deliver us some hent- anime.


Main thing you have to worry about with those displays is good calibration, and bear in mind that the edges of the display may never be perfect. Adjust for those and you’ll probably be ok.

Drawing anything takes practice. Took me years to get the heads down and even then they’re barely passable.

(random sketch I’m working on. I know, her ear is tiny. She needs work.)

If it hasn’t been suggested to you before, every now and then, flip the picture horizontally. Your eyes get used to how a picture looks when you’re drawing it so if a proportion is off your brain might not notice until you flip the picture and realize someone’s eye is too far up his/her face.


So what everyone here owns or wants a drawing pad? What are you all die hard… drawing… people? Can’t think of the word that is specifically for drawing. Lol, I’ve always wanted to be good at drawing, but I’ll be honest with you, I hate drawing like I actually abhor, detest, despise, loathe it, And yet I just love the end product. IDK why I hate drawing so much it is just so boring for me and I’m so bad that it tilts me for whatever reason, But I still want to be good at it so I can draw awesome things. So until we can download skills I will just sit back and pay other people to draw things that I want.

Where can I pay random people to draw me something again? It was posted somewhere earlier before I think and that started the whole conversation.


Damn, I wish I could draw half that good.


Wait you can order hen- anime special drawn to your tastes?

Jokes aside, I actually want to learn 3D modelling a bit for game dev purposes. Since I am a solo dev most of the time.