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It’s the first anime background (other than landscapes on my PC) I’ve used for more the a minute or 2, and it’s been my background since I watched it in January.


For fuck sake blur that


That’s one long ass screen.


Been looking for some chopsticks. These are now on the list


How do I see it now? It’s not even a proper link.


You can, you just gotta use a really big drill


I like the “parallax” wallpapers for mobile. Wrong word i know, but idk how to call it.


@Derbshey ahh, the pinnacle of hacking exploits! Alice and Bob stand no chance.


Yup, just like all the new flagships. At first I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. “It’s easier to use in one hand” they said, yeah right, that’s a load of marketing wank, you still have to reach for the notification shader. Anyways, I don’t like it more or less, it’s just different (compared to my 6.4 inches Sony Z Ultra). Split screen is really great though.
For example:

Though normally, it’s a product review on top and specs/place to purchase underneath.


Honestly, I assumed it was a anime landscape with how blurry it is (gif size limitation and all).


It is. It’s a screencap from Kimi no Na wa.

I always show splitscreen to my dad when we inevitably start arguing about ios vs android.


This had me thinking it was an IRL picture or something (I read it as world).


Have you shown him this?

And did, you turn this on?


Don’t think my shitty Samsung has that. lol


I don’t know about your phone but on my G5 I can’t use it in landscape.


But while it’s taller it also means no more 16:9 video content without black borders anymore, right? Reading anime with that aspect ration will also look weird.

Maybe that’s true for the width but not for the length. I couldn’t even one-hand my 4" phones, only the 3.2" HTC Magic. At least you can still comfortably hold it with one hand for calls and not grip it awkwardly.

Just like those edge to edge displays. Don’t like them, don’t want them.

S2 of Assassination Classroom gets the same amount of action withing the first 8 episodes as S1 did at the last few. Sure picking up the pace. But even in thrilling scenes there’s always a good gag to break some of the tension.




Serious, not everyone wants to read subs when they get off work.


I don’t know why I replied to something that old. It seems like it got sealed off.

I can understand that, but at the same time it makes yah’ wonder… hmm…


Wonder what?