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I got nothing…


There is something very satisfying about watching fantasy knights getting torn apart by machine gun fire.


I found this funny for some reason.


shiiiieeet… I am hungry… It’s almost time for breakfast anyways tho…

Is that a spoon? Pfff… And you call yourself a weeb? Not watching with subs, and not using sticks…


I’ve wanted to get chopsticks for a while, but just haven’t done it yet.
I’ve only completed one sub anime.


Huh, I’ve only completed one dub anime (Intial-D FS).

Not that my track record is big…





rEuSe WoOdEn DiSpOsAbLe ChOpStIcKs


Haha, they looked nice.


1 subbed anime.


I’ll go sleep a bit lol.




Me too. I’m not a baller neet like you though.



Ozen background, I approve

I’ve got Hinata Kawamoto


So just finished Sakamichi No Apollon - Kids on the Slope.

Highly recommend, solid 9/10 if not higher. Smooth Jazz music, feels and friendship with superb animation. Also directed by the guy who did Samurai Champloo & Cowboy Bebop with music direction done by the person who worked on Ghost in the Shell.

Anyone else seen this? It’s been flying under my radar this entire time! So good!


Nothing says Waifu like being lazy and hiding your depression for work.


I am absolute garbage for liking this show but god damn, some moments are too fucking hilarious


@Theonewhoisdrunk it’s funny. And so is Hanamaru Youchien.
Kodomo no Jikan is weird pedo shit, though. Stay away. Don’t even touch with a 10ft pole.


Yeah, seen Kodomo no Jikan a good while ago. Situation is pretty fucked once everything is revealed.
I don’t remember much of the conclusion though. It also left the impression that most shows feature a children cast are going to be like that, really stops me from watching.


Even before that. In Hanamaru Youchien Anzu just has a crush on her teacher and doesn’t want to have sex with him like Kokonoe in Kodomo no Jikan.
You can already tell by the pictures that it’s just an innocent “I want to to be teacher’s wife” phase, not some disgusting pedo fantasy.