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Draw several hundred thousand of those pictures “with enough effort put into them” and tell me how it goes. Or tell me how much it cost you to hire the animators to actually do that. Unless you’ve got the budget of something like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, it ain’t gonna happen.


Need something new to watch no subs, shonen, slice of life, Loli or harem.


that budget would get 5 minutes




piss off


It could get better, we’ll have to wait and see, but so far the MC’s motivation is quite literally “I don’t know”.

Although Saber’s trademark “Umu” is amusing.


the first one makes the rest extremely difficult.


Still plenty of genres left…

I am too tired after work to read subs.


You could watch paint dry or grass grow.


no waifu no laifu


Right here.

I’m being series, this is a really great anime.


Since I just finished it and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread I recommend Erased @Microsoft, the dub is available on funimation


See not too hard. Thank you my dude.


Can this show ( 3-gatsu no Lion) shut up abotu food already it’s almost 4:20 AM (smoke weebs erry day) and I don’t have nor the energy to cook something, nor some snacks and this is getting hard on my poor stomach.


You do realize how shit the pay is for in between. If they are taking to long they are fucking themselves. They get played per frame not hour.



But then you might watch Code Geass. it was the one of the two only dubs I watched and it was good.


the English dub for Tora Dora is better than the Japanese version


I work 12 hours a day don’t care to read anymore.

I have an unpopular opinion opinion about female Japanese voices I won’t share here.


Actually now that I think about it never seen the English dub. Must go back.


If your planing on watching it, the dub is on HiDive.

They are kids for a while, but they will grow up.