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Bait aside, it’s very weird watching a Fate series with the hallmarks of Shaft animation.

First episode of Extra had me thinking that it was going to be a pseudo-reskin of Bakemonogatari.


lol, how is it? I found Apocrypha not very good


You reminded me of this meme:


Side effects my include arrhythmia, faintness, moderate to severe amnesia, flushing of the face, dry mouth, blurry vision, visual distortions or white spots, nausea and vomiting, constipation, muscle twitches, confusion, euphoria, sedation, itchiness, and increased anxiety, Respiratory or cardiac arrest.

Got to get in some ass coverage.


Typical me in the early morning? 'Cept “euphoria” ofc.


Why do they think normal people tilt their heads back like that when drawing anime?


No, that’s while your watching anime.


Middle-schooler vs High-Schooler in Japan. So it’s not only 300 y.o. lolis.


it gives an air of… idk, mystery? Depth? suspiciousness? the word I’m looking for is just gone from my head atm…


Honestly, they should figure out other normal body expressions to convey all that. There are also ways to do this without even using characters I’m sure


thats the thing, you can’t draw the facial muscle tweaks we can recognize subconsciously so the exagerated faces, eyes and movement are what animators use


It’s equivalent or below Apocrypha.

Crossing Fate with Bakemonogatari isn’t the best combination.

Plot is weird/doesn’t make much sense, the pacing is jerky, and we once again have little to no empathy for the characters. And in a non-bait way the animation in some scenes is an almost direct rehash of Bakemonogatari.


MiA, yeah that the word your looking for.


Then they aren’t putting enough effort into it, I’ve seen plenty of drawings that have great facial expressions in great detail, also done in a relatively short amount of time.


Yes. And normal speech tones to go with them.

Never gonna happen. It’s anime. It’s supposed to be heavily exaggerated. That’s why you see anime characters using gestures, body language and speech tones that no real-life Japanese person would ever consider using, and why I cringe at the people who try to learn Japanese off of battle-shonen anime.


boo, I really like how fate explores the masters’ and servants’ motivations and how it impacts their actions in Zero through Stay Night, I like Prisma Illya because it’s borderline trashy (its trashy) but still kind of does the same thing but with magical girls also that Illya isn’t impaled by Gilgamesh


It’s like an arcade joystick


a still drawing isn’t animation and if every thing had that level of detail animation wouldn’t be economically feasible


Draw several hundred thousand of those pictures “with enough effort put into them” and tell me how it goes. Or tell me how much it cost you to hire the animators to actually do that. Unless you’ve got the budget of something like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, it ain’t gonna happen.


Need something new to watch no subs, shonen, slice of life, Loli or harem.