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This, definitely this.


I know, I’ve seen at least a few episodes of both and they’re completely different. Was just a kekle of mine.


The people I went to high school with.


Why /s tho? I do think you’re correct on that one.




Sangatsu has some of the most visceral animation i’ve seen, I know studio Shaft is know for it’s outstanding animation but this stands out even among the Monogatari series.


gonna skin me a fox loli…


Nah, I want to do that in the future, so it can’t be retarded.


Can’t beat that logic :smiley:


I kind of feel like i need a sports anime right now


It’s easier to recycle than remake I guess


Fuck it’s three-fiddy AM, but I wanna watch one more ep.




I know what you’re doing


Just one more. I’m sure it’ll be fine.



If you insist…

starts new ep

I promise it’s the last one for today, tho…




It might just be that the MC looks a bit to me like Houtarou Oreki, but he gives me a more KyoAni vibe (read: “Hyouka”) than what I usually associate Shaft with making. It’s interesting.


They have done an amazing job bringing the mangaka’s art style to life, the art style is already very powerful but the animation takes it to 11