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Currently watchign the 6th one. Gotta go to bed soon, need to drag my ass to uni tomorrow.


oh boy, you’re just getting started lol


Oh, I though you were a full time neet, with how late you stay up.

I’m kidding… mostly.


It’s currently 3:30 AM


Apparently I can’t look you in the eyes.


I was just thinking how I could flip your pic. Oh, well it’s too late.


ahaha, god damn it


Not really, but I meant what you knew.

ParserException: Could not generate parse-tree for the phrase "I meant what you knew." at English.cs:1462:5

aka, I didn’t get that.





I have more


Just a stupid way I say “I knew what you meant”.


Guess, I’ll start that next, in a few minutes.


So basically

English.GetInstane().GetIdiomDict().Insert("I meant what you knew.", "I knew what you meant");


Just from the animation, art style and scenery it says:

“Ryuuou no Oshigoto but not trash”

(although yes, I know that Sangatsu no Lion came well before)


i guess, they both have shogi, are you trying make me weeb rage?


Who’s more retarded though, person who has fun with English, or dude who talks code aka gibberish?