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Put them in op?


I would like to set somthing up were we can all put ours in, not just me, but yeah the OP is the beast thing RN.


Currently watchign the 6th one. Gotta go to bed soon, need to drag my ass to uni tomorrow.


oh boy, you’re just getting started lol


Oh, I though you were a full time neet, with how late you stay up.

I’m kidding… mostly.


It’s currently 3:30 AM


Apparently I can’t look you in the eyes.


I was just thinking how I could flip your pic. Oh, well it’s too late.


ahaha, god damn it


Not really, but I meant what you knew.

ParserException: Could not generate parse-tree for the phrase "I meant what you knew." at English.cs:1462:5

aka, I didn’t get that.





I have more


Just a stupid way I say “I knew what you meant”.


Guess, I’ll start that next, in a few minutes.


So basically

English.GetInstane().GetIdiomDict().Insert("I meant what you knew.", "I knew what you meant");


Just from the animation, art style and scenery it says:

“Ryuuou no Oshigoto but not trash”

(although yes, I know that Sangatsu no Lion came well before)


i guess, they both have shogi, are you trying make me weeb rage?


Who’s more retarded though, person who has fun with English, or dude who talks code aka gibberish?