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Those are the best ones IMO.


200% kek


What are you going to use now?


I’m with @TeckMonster in that I wanted the other girl he was saving to hook up with him, but writers decided to make that hoe unfaithful. And for some reason get her to hook up with that other fuck who never even tried to help her really or even actually talk to her, like wtf, and then to rub salt on the wound she shoved her baby in his face as soon as he woke up in the hospital. In the end, I ended up hating that character a lot but I still would’ve liked her to have hooked up with MC.


Which ones I haven’t found one


Violet Evergarden is the big one.


Ah yes I’ve been saving that one to binge.


Nothing at the moment.


Definitely Binge-worthy


Not to beat a dead horse, but from what you were saying yesterday I do think you should give HiDive a shot, it’s player is a bit rough, but I have been surprised with all the titles they have, and often you can choose between dub or sub, and it’s cheep.


I get that but…

Erased Spoilers

But it was only due to Revival that they got that close, I don’t Satoru felt that way about Kayo. On the other hand Airi believing in him is what gave him the final push imo.


What episode are you on?


Bruh, they’re kids

Erased Spoilers

Satoru has the advantage of life experience and motivation on his side, remember before Revival he didn’t do anything either.


And you’re still not watching Sangatsu No Lion


Nobody told me about this before I’ve never heard of it, it sounds awesome. But the faces look like a little kid drew them lol.


March Comes in like a Lion, I have literally not shut up about it since it got an anime

I even have awesome gifs from the series


CR guest pass dump.

Man I wish there was a better way to share these here, since they’er going to get lost in old post in a few hours. I’m going to have to look into it.


Clearly I missed those posts or they just slipped my mind


Put them in op?


I would like to set somthing up were we can all put ours in, not just me, but yeah the OP is the beast thing RN.