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On a Sunday evening… I must say I’m a little disappointed.

Edit: Wow, that was quick. Only down for a couple of minutes.


Meanwhile I haven’t been able to update my payment method for CR all damn day because of their broke ass website.

It’s fine when you don’t need to do anything but now it’s just too fucking old and they’re dumping everything into vrv


The New Gate is probably the only isekai that I’m actually actively interested in. Surprisingly decent read given the genre.


When Erased Isn’t neck deep in suspense and mystery it turns into this whole other show, it’s hard to describe but it breaks the tension so well while also leaving some elements very present so you don’t forget it.


It’s been a minute since I’ve seen it, but I vaguely remember something like that. I do remember I liked it quit a bit.




Look interesting. but watching a trailer dubbed is like


Then watch the sub



Everything I said here, I still stand by.

To expand on it a little. I have excepted the early-on relation ships, it ended up having a pretty valuable meaning throughout the anime, so I’ll let the (small spoiler) yaoi slide, just this once.
I didn’t like most of the dub voices, but Squealer’s was really great (don’t want to hear it on a different character though), and Kiroimaru’s isn’t t-bag either.

There is one thing that was bugging me though, (spoilers) did Saki lose her powers at towards the end? Because at some point she became the damsel in distress, and people kept dying be cause of it.


Ahhhh, they waited right up until the very last scene of Erased to give you the goods I teared up just like Satoru, @Reformed_JoelBanks I totally get why you want to see how certain relationships play out but I don’t think they could ever make it as good as the final scene in Erased.


I’m pretty sure I have this one open in a tab somewhere, will give it a watch


Dub or sub?

Erased spoilers:

If your referring to his former co-worker somehow meeting him under a bridge, I’m going to have to disagree.


That scene that line it was perfect, sub but that is irrelevant


Sorry, I should had made that more clear, it was for.

I don’t exactly remember it, but I do remember it was a letdown to me.


Bruh, she’s seventeen. Satoru suddenly chasing some schoolgirl that doesn’t know him makes this a whole other anime, I totally had the feeling that i wanted more too but I have to leave it be because what ever they do will never be as good.

hell, it was fate that brought them together again that shit was meant to be.
maybe it could have gotten away with some still frames in the ending credits with together but that’s about it


Finally I can change my payment method on CR, for fucks sake


More Erased spoilers:
B, but… I wanted Kayo+Satoru.


I can get into games, I just take long and frequent breaks from them lol.


3-gatsu no Lion just got me free ticket on the feels train. FFS.


A few shows this season are like: