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Best girl hands down, fits Tomoya too well.
Tomoyo after was a definite necessity.
Buddy is a Kyou boi mainly for her length of hair and pushy attitude.
Oh yeah the thigh highs too lmao
I don’t disagree though.



Today’s episode of overlord was over so fast, but at least we got caught up on a bunch of other things going on. I still want to see what is going on with that dragon and the lady that was in the first episode of this season we haven’t seen anything more about them.


They appeared in the last episode of the first season, iirc, as well


What are some good anime series with dragons? preferably ones that are like smaug and not like stinkin dragon maid.


Demon Lord Daimao


Reminds me of this Jon reacts.


High School DxD

may or may not feature tiddies


Holy crap, Black Clover is the worse paced show I’ve seen. Should just stop watching for a month or two and binge it.


I just unsubscribed from funimation for the second time. bout to renew my Crunchyroll subscription.

has it gotten more gud now? i haven’t touched it in about 2 and a half years.


Well the site is basically unchanged but you can link it to vrv for the html5 version


I mean the content. they got some gud stuff now? 2 years ago they barely had anything worth watching. this was when they were giving out free 10 day subscription coupons like candy.


I can handle some cancer week by week

I don’t think I can handle a full binge dose though.

Me earlier:



well you can watch stuff for free now with ads, but they’ve been filling their back catalog with Funimation subs and there has been some good stuff coming out since


I can’t help thinking the show would be better off if Asta died and the show focused on Noe instead.


Akeno is best obviously. I read them first though.


I’ll admit the animation is amazing but asta can go die in a hole if he wasnt in it I would be watching it right now I dont get the decision to have the weak char be screaming all the fucking time I might read the manga instead since I dont have to hear him screaming all the time


So in light of recent discussions, if by some chance Lounges are discouraged in the future, how would people prefer to talk about anime?

  • One thread per show
  • One thread per season
  • One thread to rule them all (aka Lounge or Die)

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I don’t think we have to worry about the Anime Lounge going away anytime soon since there really haven’t been any problems aside from the stray forum goer saying “fuck anime” every now and again, but I’m curious to see what the next best alternative would be in people’s eyes.


Anime discussions are fine either way though imo tbh.
I kinda like the anime lounge though…


I feel that a topic as broad as anime deserves a lounge. It gives us a little corner of the forum to talk about anime in general, whereas the threads per season/show would overpopulate the forum and not see much activity. Also, the lack of breadth in threads that aren’t lounge-like would mean they would go off topic all the time. With the current situation anyone can come in and voice their opinions about anime/particular shows, ask for suggestions, and just have general discourse of the culture/genre/etc that is anime. Also, some people seem to have a severe hatred of anime for whatever reason and it’s easier to just mute this thread for them than to have it bleed over into the main lounge or have tons of threads to mute (which is what would happen if we had to go non-lounge).