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If only we had access to an ass in the first place…


My GF asked me to eat her out and when I started she said “that’s the wrong hole” and I said, “Nah I only eat the brown part!”

I’m done for the night, someone tie me a noose lmao.


Yo what anime is that from though?


no clue… found the gif at work one day


It’s from


You had me at the word sister


The sister is hardly in it.


I need to stop with looking for gifs/memes of anime… it just keeps adding to my ptw list… which is already over a year’s worth of shit even if I didn’t work


Haha, I feel your pain. I started using my on hold list for my high priority PTW list.

Honestly it’s long enough I probably don’t need my PTW anymore haha.


Oh boy, just caught up on Tokyo Ghoul;RE
it’s bananas, @Reformed_JoelBanks did you want that spoiler lol


wow, someone with more shit to watch than myself. I commend you sir. (I really should’ve got into anime a bit sooner… now all these young’uns have seen more than me :stuck_out_tongue:)


Started watching Occultic; Nine, dub dropped on CR, it’s pretty damn interested so far


Probably about 5 months ago that list was twice as big, which was ridiculous, so I went though it, but I still have too many.


You’re alright, you watched more than me, so you’re not last.


I’m going to make an effort to go through and watch all the Blu-rays I’ve bought, a stack just fell over lol, same with books and manga.

Also time to start archiving


Don’t forget your VNs


I’ve got like three

Lesbian Ghosts and some other I can’t remember


Nice, I have Clannad, Tomoyo After, Muv Luv, and Katawa Shoujo. I haven’t played any since since high school though

This article made me laugh:


It was only one route but got the ending, too bad its not HD but at least the art improved a bit compared to original Clannad, you get used to it pretty quickly tbh

Never played Katawa Shoujo, only seen the memes.
Also you have not lived unless you played Huniepop, Huniepop 2 this year HYPE!

bought these in the humble bundle and it included huniepop and huniecam, bought it for the HP soundtrack I swear
Have not installed any though
Just to let you know, Kyou Route was a bitch to get to, or maybe you will find it much easier than I did.
I think I got it on my attempt around 20 or so, took me a week.


I always focused on Tomoyo lol