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If you count that I loved NFS Undergorund 1 and 2. :smiley:


It was Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition, NFS Most Wanted, and Test Drive 6 for me.

Anyway, all the things they do and the car lingo they use is spot on with IRL except the cup of water, and saying it’s fastest to drift around a corner (it’s not).

You can learn a lot about cars watching it.


Oh my, I wonder if franxx has people who rage and smash their desks when they lose, but that would work differently in franxx.


Oh shit, that that went 0 to 100 real quick.


Damn it, been meaning to finish that.

@TheDiddilyHorror I got it


I guess I’m finally watching Tokyo ghoul since My free trial of HBO ran out so I can’t watch the rest of harry potter lol. I’m gonna go ahead and take a wild guess that the one guy that the main character is close to is going to die. I bet money on this, cus knowing series like this that is probably what’s going to happen.


Do you really want to know?


It looks like he is sniffing some panties that a girl just had her period in. pretty nasty


I mean you took it there…


So that means that with feet,… you also have this fetish?..


This is the anime lounge not the fetish lounge



Nah I don’t do so well around blood or anything of the sort.


They all say that, but we know what you really think :wink:



My face when I see a nice piece of ass, jk even if everyone else is eating ass I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to do it.