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@Skelterz the cover of So I’m a spider, so what? has a weird finish on it. Kinda grainy. Not unpleasant but it will probably be harder to get dirt off.

Also, I’ll bid my farewell for now. L1T forum - and especially the lounge - are getting kinda meh.


Stay for the anime lounge desu
Me copy comes today


I wish I took advantage of that when I had the S8+

So many memes I missed out on… RIP


it depends on your definition of good magic?

also holy shit we have converted wendel!


Nah, he’s just being polite


I am watching dub because the subs have awful timing. (They appear for half a second and disappear, and often are not in sync)

I just noticed that the dub version even has different music. Am I missing on eurobeat? lol They seem to have more rock music in there.


That show is kinda iffy, like some stuff is good and other things in it aren’t so good or are boring.


It has been confirmed lord Ainz will club some baby seals in the next episode.


That’s no anime


Ainz is my lord and savior.



I know where you go desu


I think we basically had one like that. It got shut down though…


Did you try to make the nsfw waifu thread?


(Sadly) I think that was me, or I was one of the main contributors. I think it started as SFW but went downhill pretty fast. It then was forgotten about, then got necrod. THEN went really downhill and was deleted.

I just searched my old posts and I think more than one of my anime threads were deleted (for good reason tbh)


Yeah, this thread got a Stern warning before anything could happen lol


Can we even discuss the new Netflix one directed by Maasaki Yuasa on this thread? Or does it have too much plot.


Which one? Devilman Crybaby?

Yes, just no explicit gifs or images

Donkey noises intensify

Also the soundtrack is lit af


Yeah, I binged it in one night. I enjoyed it for the most part. Also, it’s interesting seeing Netflix being involved with that kind of a show.

The ending where everyone but Satan dies left no room for more, but that might have been a good thing. It was short and sweet.


That wasn’t the direction I ever wanted to take this thread. It got a whole lot of posts while I was at work, which was very scary for me since I couldn’t do anything (shut down threats and all), but it worked out in the end.

First post on my MX blue keyboard.