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wut anime?
asking for a friend, she liked the image, now she wants the sauce



It’s Record of Grancrest War


nooice, tyty




Learn how to make your own gifs!

I would teach you but I usually end up with 70MB gifs that are only 2 seconds long…


well i captured the video and cut it but the editor I have won’t export gifs so I used some rando website to convert the mp4


I usually pop the clip into VLC with the screen selection filter on and set it to 30 frames.
Get the images I want to animate into a gif and throw them into gimp, filter>optimize for gif> export as gif, enter the delay for all frames, and usually come out to about 1 to 4 MB depending how big it is.
I usually try to get no more than 500 pixels wide by 250 tall or 500x500


I think newer Samsung devices (Android 7.0 and up) can take screenshots and make them into gifs. Made things a 1000x easier! I wish there was a simple app for that instead


on desktop atm


I’ll try that out. Sounds fairly simple


Oh yeah forgot I put the Recording Ratio to 1 so that it recorders every frame, 1 in 1 frames recorded.
don’t forget to set your path, also don’t forget to turn it off when you are just watching through VLC, if not then you will have tons of images later on.
Think I left it and got about 2 or 3GB of images from a few ripped blurays lmao.

Just check it, once you click on filters under video

ms delay
24 FPS - > 41.66 ms
30 FPS -> 33.33 ms
60 FPS - > 16.66 ms


I couldn’t take the trailer seriously with the music. I might check it out.


I love that gif but that anime is so cringy


Yes, the Note 8 makes gif making child’s play. The gifs use a small amount of space for what you get too.

Any app I’ve tried so far has been garbage.


It’s not very good, I only watch it when I’m really bored


I feel like it will be one of those shows that barely gives any backstory, will try and build a bunch of hype, then will end suddenly.


Pretty much, it’s got an expanding cast of characters but doesn’t give you any reason to like them


So you’re saying Romeo x Juliet is a better generic fantasy anime to watch?

Lol I just wanted to throw that name in since I got similar fantasy vibes from that trailer.


Never saw that lol


welp, that seals it for me. I’m already backlogged on stuff and put 1 show on hold this season. I’ve yet to watch the new episodes of Violet Evergarden, Darling in the FranXX, Mitsuboshi Colors, Ryou’s work is never done, Takagi-san, and Marchen Madchen. Damn you tax season, I needs muh fix.