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I think it ended in the best way possible


Ya completely agree. I was wondering how they would last 4 episodes with what I’ve seen, but ya, they did it well.


Oh fuck I just learned that Ei Aoki (the one who wrote Re:Creators) also wrote Hourou Musuko *mindblown


was also created in part with the creator of Black Lagoon


That’s funny, I’ve been rewatching it all day (almost done with the first season), anyway the animation starts off a bit jarring with poor quality, but it improves greatly as the series goes. It’s very good and one of my favorites.

I can’t get enough of this “AMV”.


Neither do I :^)



Sabagebu is good if you haven’t seen it i recommend it, spelling most likely off


That’s the one about airsoft, right?



I hate you for making me keep adding shit to my list… but I love you at the same time…


Yes it is


I think I vaguely remember that show. I actually use to be huge into airsofting. Did a lot of MILSIM stuff


You actually went to milsim events? aren’t those pretty hardcore? I remember watching a few videos of people at milsim events and someone fell off the top of a 3 story building in one and the other just fucked their leg on some sharp metal thing sticking out of some stairs, but that’s not what I mean by hardcore I’m sure there are plenty of normal fields with safety hazards lol.


They weren’t bootcamp hardcore. They were just more organized than your typical airsoft event.

Yeah, some fields can be very hazardous. We had one field which was an old coal mine/factory and a 50 ton tank (I honestly forgot how large this tank is but it was 3 stories tall!) broke off and crushed someone.


Out of curiosity, does anyone know the music CD that this song would be on? I’m interested in buying it so I can get a copy of the song myself. It’s beautiful.


dang, it’s pretty hard to find a single for that. I found one on ebay but it only has the short tv version
JAN 4534530028457


This took too long to make


Thank you


Ironically, retail stores like Best Buy have made plans to discontinue selling CDs

I just use Kupiku and Amazon JP. I don’t think there’s been something I haven’t been able to get, but with that being said I don’t have as wide range of experience and what not. Things like Yahoo auction Japan I don’t think is an option, though I might be wrong (I don’t know).


my two sources are amazon (if it’s really popular it might be there) or ebay, plenty of japenese sellers