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prolly next week… you can watch the twitch vod tho


Damn winter Olympics, I want the next episode of March Comes in Like a Lion


@Skelterz what do you think:
Soul Eater Vol.1+2 on bluray for ~60€ together
Soul Eater - Complete on DVD for ~30€

Worth the bluray upgrade?


whats the difference is the bluray HD? or something else thats worth 30€ more?


Can’t find much info about them at all.


not sure how this compares with anime but the basics


I had no idea about any of this. I’m still using 8track and Betamax.


holy shit those are old I just had to look them up


not really sure, i should check out my flcl bd vs dvd
honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of the anime, preferred the manga


Yeah, but Amazon has a 3 for 2 sale on TV shows, so I thought I’d get some anime in there.

But since I can’t find anything about the resolution…no idea what to do.

edit: nvm, the sale just ended…


holy shit this chics eyes


Coworker told to watch this forgot to finish it though.


I wish I had something that could passively find me anime I’d like While I do other things so I wouldn’t have to look myself.


It’s Revolutionary Girl Utena if you want to know. But often Google search image yield good result (but apparently not for that one). In regard to the anime, I didn’t watch it. 39 episodes and '80s - '90s style is not for me. But Mawaru Penguindrum and Yuri Kuma Arashi are from the same creator and worth to watch. wink wink :wink:

edit: and now proceed to realize he totally misread the sentence. oups sorry, still, my recommendation applies


facebook ads?




doesn’t facebook do that for you?


IDK don’t have it


So… I started watching Inital D. Didn’t expect much, but it seems pretty cool.

I love how Tak just raced for the booty. Well and gas ofc.


I finally finished to watch Re:Creators (ya I take a lot of time). My boy did they cram plot twists in that last 4 episodes. But ya, the anime was good, liked it.