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Yargghhhh, I’ve got vol. 1 on the way now though


Tried watching

It’s trash IMO, so I’m going to attempt to get far away from it by watching


I would suggest Hellsing Ultimate as it follows the manga


So it’s like FMA & FMAB?


Pretty much, and Ultimate was a series of ova’s so it looks much better and we get the Major


Dang, I heard the first one had really good OSTs,


It might, I’ve got a volume or 2 of the og series somewhere around here, fuck it YouTube


You saying you’d just watch it on YouTube?


The ops at least


You could watch the whole thing on YouTube with subs thanks to Funimation.

You’d be surprised how many subs they upload.


The ending was the only thing I liked about inu x boku ss, that and watanuki’s and the other person’s relationship.


anyone else watch DB super? wow episode 127
jiren’s past is so cliche

He’s universe 11’s equivalent of batman, silent, edgy and op
if jiren talked about his past


Nah, I’ve got kind of annoyed with the whole DB formula personally.

@Trikstari has been watching Super


And Funimation’s idea of a streaming service is worse than the pirate streaming sites I’ve used to watch old school DB-Z.

Seriously. More ads, less functional, worse amounts of buffering…

how… how are they more shit than the pirate sites?


They want you to pay. Try VRV, get a free 30 day trial when you make an account

It includes Funimatiom


That ending can actually continue if they decide to do a 2nd season of inuxboku, since in the manga it gets kind of depressing.

Read it to find out.


Nah, the anime wasn’t all too entertaining, I was thinking of dropping it a few times but watanuki’s relationship with that other girl kinda kept me in and then I saw the end and was happy with that. I liked the ending


Wat? Lots happened, characters developed, tension increased.

Hiro’s third ride next episode and he’s already jacked up from two

The more interactions I see between the kids from the birdcage just makes be pity then more and more.


I’m watching super but the dub because fuck Japanese goku. I just can’t do it.


how soon