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figured I post this hear its a new cell phone case I got

here is the link


Amazon Germany really needs to organize the way mangas and light novels sorted.
They have 2 results for Danmachi Vol.1, different covers and different prices but both are the English light novel, not the manga.
It’s a fucking mess.
Actually, the whole “Manga” section is full of light novels… -_-


@wendell wf so i have to watch other people do play throughs of doki doki to finish the story?

I was enjoying the voice overs


Is it not done?


Oh, it’s not on YouTube PGP




Just watched the new episode of franxx, I liked last weeks episode better. Not too much really happened in this one tbh, it was really just setting up the next episode.


Wait, L1 played Doki Doki?


check PGP yo


Forgive my ignorance, but I don’t know what PGP is. Google, and YouTube are telling me it’s “Pretty Good Privacy” or “Post Graduate Program”.


Professionals Gaming Poorly.

#9694 the vod for it





Thanks, I found it after Novastys post.

I might have to go to the store for some snacks with them waving all those goodies around.


I enjoyed this ep today it was enjoyable and I’m looking forward to the next ep


This episode set up the next episode to be a really good one, that’s how I see it.


Since Amazon is doing a lousy job at differentiating manga and light novel (and thus not being able to tell which is which) I ordered the first volume of So I’m a spider, so what? and preordered Vol.2+3.

Meanwhile reading DanMachi (manga) on my phone.

No anime currently cause I’m hooked on re-watching That 70s Show.


I can’t wait for more of this, have you read the manga?


Nah, not yet. Vol.1 should arrive on Monday. The description sounds interesting and it was available on Amazon here so…