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wait whats the difference?



@wendell where is doki doki pt2

I need to see my waifu


It’s too late:

rm waifu.chr


I don’t watch those lol, sometimes I will watch them on the first episode but I normally don’t even remember them. The only one I remember is dragon maid op out of the 100 some anime series I’ve seen.


I just looked at me in my discord servers, I probably shouldn’t post pics of them here lol.


Kakegurui op is bananas


She isn’t even trying to sing like tf lol. Also, why are they all colorless? I guess apart from the song it was interesting.


I hated this anime and its op and ed lol



What’s a good anime with a great magic system?


Those where it’s JFM (Just Fuckin Magic)




No Systems or numbers or over complication of it.
The Ancient Magus Bride has the best incorporation of magic in a series.




Watching Takagi-san is like


The teasing levels are off the charts


Fuck I still badly want to hug someone. Need so much a Takagi. So much kawainesssssss!!!


I’m so tired I just stared at and was mesmerized by your profile gif for like 6 minutes before like jumping back to life lol.

What anime is that gif on your profile from?