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I streamed anime from HiDive non-stop with brightness set to 50% and it lasted 3hr & 34min before shutting down. I said I’d do this so that’s why I’m sharing this even though that conversation is wrapped up.

Figured out what was on the tablet in No Game No Life. Surprisingly I wasn’t too far off.

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Drove 2.5hrs to my Mother’s to see this in theaters, so damn good. Funny thing is it was supposed to be the dub but they played the sub. I don’t mind just confused.



Dragged my Mother and brother, they both loved it.



Converting normies? :slight_smile:

I watch the sub ver too. I didn’t watch any dubs, but since I like the sound of the Japanese language, I don’t mind at all.

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Nothing more satisfying.

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Well you hooked me :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s very rare that a dub is any good which is disappointing considering how much anime has grown in the recent years.

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I will watch movies I really know I will like in movie theatres to get the kind of atmosphere that they offer.

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So, where can I buy this VR platform?

Jokes aside though, idk if it’s better to be alone in matrix, or die with everyone on Earth. I am pretty anti-death (lol) but alone in space is almost like being dead anyways.

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TBH I’d rather die with everyone else.
It’s an incredibly sad story to be out in space all alone for your whole life. I like to think there’s a friend out there with her, and he/she (preferably he) will be able to send her a message [insert long, logical explanation here], and they will be able to meet because their pods have the same destination to the nearest habitable planet.



Now imagine if the machine can sustain life (let’s say suspend aging) while it has energy, and now imagine it having energy till heat death of the universe. One would go mad, probably.

Yet still, maybe I’d sign up for that. lol



O.o not a bad idea, then they wouldn’t need the VR.
Still wouldn’t sign up unless I had a partner though.

Not quite catching that



What anime is this?



Yeah alone for almost eternity is not a sound idea for ones mental health :stuck_out_tongue:

I am assuming that the pod can draw energy (sci-fi/magically) from background radiation.
Well if I understand heat death of the universe correctly in trillions of years there will be no source of heat left. (Even black holes will evaporate). If you are unfamiliar with the concept:

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I always said in those case you will have eternity to figure out a solution, and maybe you will be able to create a machine to jump between universes. Infinite adventures!

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See that is how I see it too. Better to live longer even in pain, but maybe figure a way out. Rather than just give up.

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Shelter, my man.



Oh, that was what you were talking about. I was like that sounds like a good anime, lol of course it is I already know I like it

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But wouldn’t it be for naught, if you don’t have a partner?

@Reformed_JoelBanks glad you liked my part 2 theory.