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Then you may hate Season 3 if it heads where I think it is going.



And here:

And here:☆Poemii

And here, but it’s only 1 and it’s unrequited:

Almost forgot 1: Unrequited so far, most likely will remain that way.


This is now the Gunbuster lounge, this is some real moe shit right here.


Season 3 of what?





Oh, I watched season one and am good with just that, not going to watch anymore. I just liked the first half of season 1 and Kirito’s and Asuna’s relationship.


Been hearing a lot of buzz about devilman cry

what’s up with that?


no idea about all the buzz but I saw people talking about it and watched it and it was alright


It’s good, ignore nay sayers


Well just finished ao no exorcist manga well up to now and holy shit does it get good


And then she took a backstage and was more or less never seen nor heard from again, because Sinon.


Is that second season? I decided not to watch that because they decided to do a game with guns and they were trapped or anything so I probably wouldn’t have liked it plus the second half of season one was a real turn off.


IDK why I’ve been holding off on watching this. Great movie, I should watch more anime movies honestly.



Saint Oniisan (English title: Saint Young Men) is pretty good too if you’re looking for some comedy


Ok so I’ve used that a few times now, and man how did I live with out it. Added to the OP.

I still need to look into the other ones.


Just finished Gate.

Fuck yeah! That was amazing!

Ambassador Sugawara, though… lucky bastard…


Where is season fucking 3? I need it I love gate so much I should go rate it higher onMAL


Why does the rating system only go to 10. That’s not fair. It’s just too good!