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I never saw GT so there’s that… also with Super out they’ve said GT isn’t canon so I probably will never see it unless I’m bored.

The Buu saga was pretty epic and would be a nice end to the series, but, I’m enjoying Super so far (granted it’s the dub, and they’ve only released 45 episodes so far).


ew mecha

Eh kinda looks weird

how about anime with an entire military that is overpowered rather than just one character or the hero


Seems like a cash in, bad tournament arcs blah


Mother Fucker!


tbf, it’s not traditional mecha at all. They aren’t huge robotic battlesuits, more like an organic exoskeleton drawing on the power of the “pilot”.


It is weird, did you like One Punch Man?

Mob is the opposite of Saitama, he is all powerful but desperately wants to be normal. Same creator as OPM


are they like iron man sized exoskeletons (not hulkbuster)?

I liked one punch man, mostly for the comedy though, the action was good but I didn’t like how everyone always took a shit on saitama after every fight.


Mob is hilarious but has some good feels in it too.



For those on the fence or initially put off by Devilman Crybaby, I strongly suggest giving it a try



At least Kirito sounds his age.


But does he sound his gender?


Hell, even I can sound cute if I want to.



Like Bruce Jenner with James Earl Jones’ voice?


I tried Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet yesterday, the mecha battles tasted like ass. Never again will I ever give mecha a chance.

There are 2 kinds of ass, dirty and clean, mecha tastes like dirty ass, and nobody likes dirty ass unless you’re like @Skelterz and only eat the brown part.

Lol but on a serious note the space mecha shit was confusing as hell, I didn’t know what was going on almost all through the battle, then on the planet it was just boring, not my cup of tea.


Don’t go dissing Kirito, Kirito and Asuna are fucking legends.


Cross Ange, Lesbians in Mechas fighting dragons.


Did…did you actually watch SOA unironically?
That’s just…ew. I think I threw up a little in my mouth.



Alright listen, Kirito and Asuna made it farther in 12 episodes than any couple in a romance series will ever get in 2 seasons, even Toradora caught up to sleeping with each other only like 12 episodes later than SAO.