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It looks like if Kirito got some more lolis to add to his collection.


Just hit episode 9 on Devilman. Feels bad man. I read the manga but shit…



Due to a powerful ability he possesses with limited use, he ends up wiping out an army of lizard men and becomes a high leveled adventurer. Satou decides to hide his level, and plans to live peacefully and meet new people.

Dammit, author! this basically IS Kirito.

However, developments in the game’s story, such as the return of a demon king, may cause a nuisance to Satou’s plans.

such as the return of a demon king

a demon king


every single FUCKING time…

My expectations… are low…

But it’s an isekai harem, so, gotta give it a go, right?


Made in Abyss

Number of favorites for some of the characters in MAL:

  • Nanachi - 2,385 (and she’s only in 2.5 episodes. kemonomimi FTW)
  • Ouzen - 810 (my favorite)
  • Regu - 492
  • Riko - 259
  • Bondrewd - 241 (pretty close to Riko)
  • Mitty - 92
  • Lyza - 73

The more you know…


Like it or not, she is and always has been Made In Abyss’s poster child, even before the anime was announced. It’s Japan, a flat-chested furry bunny loli with the personality of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star just hits too many strike zones at once.

Reminder that the bunny smells good!

Don’t worry, though. Pretty soon in the second season she’s gonna have some serious competition.


Ohhh @Reformed_JoelBanks


No you don’t


I'm calling the police animated


Yeah, I’ve never seen or read any Devilman before.

Shit blew my mind


it is as much of a gut punch as gantz


Which one? Lol


the acid that one hit hard


Been a while since I’ve read it


In Devilman you’re expecting a cliche last minute save but nope!


then theen it rubs your face in it in front of the burning house


I wouldn’t go as far as to say I like being stepped on by feet.


I just rewatched garden of feet, I still have yet to rewatch a series though. What series should I rewatch first?


Violet Evergarden is so pretty. I hope it’ll hold up as the season progresses.


It’s a cropped out portiion of the photo above that KemoKa73 posted.


I know?