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I really liked Net-juu no Susume but it didn’t utilize it’s characters or circumstances to it’s fullest, it sort of wasted the NEET thing and the fact that they are adults. Could have easily been high schoolers or college age kids.
I’m curious to see if the web comic is any different.



High school, the police get all up in their ass for not going to school, college students they are in an ass load of debt so they are pretty much forced to work. It makes more sense that they are adults.

I was giving an example of something to help you understand what I meant by tool, not saying it should be in that show. Every action that any character takes (or is on the receiving end) is a tool that should accomplish a specific goal.

I mean things can make sense even if it doesn’t have a goal but it will like you said feel forced. Sticking with the topic if 2 characters were to have sex there are plenty of situations where it can make sense, for example, a couple are out and it is cold so they head inside and the mood and atmosphere is perfect for them getting it on and so in this scene it makes sense but it must have some sort of goal like to get a message across or to serve as a literary device such as foreshadowing something or maybe being a metaphor for something. Basically, everything needs to have a purpose if it doesn’t then it is just filler, and most filler is bad.


Crazy to think this anime short from 1983 would be so influential. Pretty kick ass. A shame a proper restoration and release will never happen.


I’m still not sure what to feel about Devilman Crybaby after watching it.


I am mid way through and like it thus far.


It’s an anime, where the hell is Morioka getting the cash for TWO high end gaming pcs, she quit her job.


I bought the soundtrack already


Spend spend spend


Social welfare ez


Then explain Eromanga-sensei!

Like Naruto farted to defeat Kiba and Akamaru. Ah, the powerful action of farting to reach your goal…

neighbor yodeling to the Backstreet Boys
emergency lights flash through the window…this would be the 4th hostage situation of the week in this apartment complex
"Me cold. Me put peepee inside you."
grunting noises


At least here it requires you to actively look for a job, not staying unemployed and just cash it in.


No clue never been on it.


If they just handed you money for doing nothing all day/week/month/year…who would want to work for a few bucks more? It’s welfare, not basic income.


No clue, I just work because my parents told me to.
I am not really influenced by money.
Can’t even recall my hourly wages.


As long as the bills can be paid and some bucks are left for anything else I don’t care either. I’d rank free time higher.


The whole episode of Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku felt like a minute long, except the first part that was slow af.


argh I hate trying to watch a series that you havent completed and trying to find where you left it


I’m really enjoying the manga so I’m looking forward to the anime and I get what you mean with the first ep


I'm calling the police animated