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get ready for feels

whilst simultaneously throwing up and huddling in a corner, trying to un-see what cannot be un-seen



I was nearly crying when that part happened and then my PC BSOD -_-


sin confession: I read the manga just after the first episode aired because I couldn’t wait. I spent an entire night reading the entire manga cover to (current) cover. In my opinion the anime is very well done but it simply cannot do the manga justice, the manga makes everything look so much darker. Not gonna lie, reading it was physically hard for me.


oh god I’m not sure if I want to read it then


Just started watching Gate. Holy shit, what the hell was I doing watching Zero No Tsukaima? This is terrific! Finally, an Isekai anime where earth gets invaded and the invaders immediately get annihilated! I haven’t been this edge-of-my-seat since I watched No Game No Life or Stargate! IIII aammmm ennnjoooyyiiinnnggg thiiiiiissssss!


The most boring anime ever

inb4 Kiznaiver

That would be School Days, One Room, Seikon no Qwaser, Seiran etc


Aren’t most of the serious anime/manga targeted at adult women that kind of stuff? Like an MC struggling to deal with everyday life?
Not that yaoi shit…those fucking fujoshis.

It’s not boring. But a rollercoaster made out of poop where you sit in a poop wagon that rides on poop tracks and poop loopings, all while poop is flying in your face…may be a rollercoaster, but it’s poop.
Poop…poop. Poop.

There’s plenty of “normal” hentai out there, you sick fuck.


For instance?



Yosuga no Sora, you say?


Oh was that the 127 hours episode? Honestly though she just needed Hugo from lost to piss on it.

I’ve been thinking about watching that, I think I will watch it sooner now. I’ve been putting it off because it sounds kinda boring.

Is that any good I’ve looked at it and it doesn’t sound very good to me. The picture for it on amazon kinda looks like one for log horizon.

I mean by the end of the show she stays a NEET so clearly she stays a neet lol.

Explain to me what you think an ending would be for that anime. For me it would be them marrying or some shit but how is that any different from them just simply getting together as a couple like with the ending now I mean it would leave off at the same point pretty much.

Nah you don’t put sex in something just because the characters can, and right now in their relationship that would make no sense.


Ikr it’s awesome, that’s exactly why I loved it because of the power imbalance. Someone commented on one of the videos saying it’s like when you forget to tech up in civ v and I couldn’t agree more it’s awesome that way imo. It has 2 things I like in isekai and it does a great job at them and that is brining tech and what not from our world to the other one and having one side overpowered and doing a great job at displaying that while still having it entertaining. Spoilers my favorite example of this is when they are in the castle and they are surrounded and what’s her name shoots all of the soldiers and then proceeds to beat the shit out of the prince all by herself like a one man army pretty much, actually hays not my favorite because there are so many good scenes like that so I can’t choose lol.


I’ll wrap this in a spoiler in case someone wants to watch it.

She didn’t make that much progress during the series regarding her complexes.
She feels overwhelmed in a work environment but at the same time, as a neet, she feels bad about how society judges neets.
She has extremely low self-esteem and even after getting honest, positive feedback she questions her value (“they’re only saying it to be nice”).

Sakurai - while being a shy person himself irl - gets interested in her, and after realising how insecure she is, still tries to be with her.

The progress she made might seem a lot - and for an insecure introvert like her it certainly is a lot. But think about how often and easily she paddled back after getting encouraging words from her friends online. It took a lot of effort and the smallest things can throw her off.

To shortly include this:

Lifetime neet? What’s just asking for problems. Her savings won’t last forever and even if she and Sakurai move in together and he pays all the bills…wouldn’t he get tired of it?
They’re both very humble people and if they have the even smallest thought that they might have offended someone or caused trouble, they apologize like there’s no tomorrow (see apolizing-duel between Sakurai and Morioka).
That said, how long would Sakurai keep doing all the work to support them both until he gets fed up with it?

Possible good scenario: she becomes a housewife (thus not a neet anymore, argue all you want about how being a housewife is or isn’t an occupation), he earns the money. They could live like that even before marrying and if nothing goes wrong they’d probably end up marrying (if they believe it’s necessary for their relationship).

To conclude: them moving in together as a sign of commitment to their relationship and showing how they handle living together (not much, just a short scene or two) would probably be enough for a “okay, we wrapped it up” ending.

Granted, it’s not a huge addition, but it would - at least for me - tie it up better.


I’m not so sure about that. Personally I got the feeling that they both act as they do to do it right for others. Like, they might not actually initiate sex (would probably be the result of them ending up in an awkward position) but still go for it cause they want to please the other one - but not as an “I want to have sex”, rather as “does he/she want sex? I’m not sure if I’m ready for it but I don’t want to hurt his/her feelings, so i’ll go with it”.


I actually already finished it.


yeah I didnt read that until after I posted my reply
made in abyss was one of my most fav anime I thought it was going to be shit but it was actually REALLY good apart from the bit where I nearly cried and then my PC BSOD which really pissed me off


It’s my favorite recent anime.

Been there, great way to brake the mood.


No, it’s basically Negima 2


No I’m not saying if it would work in real life or if it works with the characters what I meant is in writing you use that kinda stuff as a tool to accomplish a goal just the same as killing off a character or something similar you don’t do it because the character is in a situation where it is possible or makes sense but you do it to accomplish a goal like evoking a certain emotion from the reader/watcher and then you have to do a bunch of other stuff around that to make it feel done right. Like there is a strategy to it, you use it as a tool basically.


Sure, don’t do things just because you can. It will feel forced and doesn’t make sense.
But killing someone off is kind of an extreme tool (unless you can revive them with FRIENDSHIP). Net-juu no Susume isn’t even a drama where it would work.