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The art style is ok…
Kinda reminds me of Mahoutsukai no Yome…


The art style is pretty. But that also makes me worried. Art is good and all but the plot needs good execution.


Also never wore a santa hat…lol
Just like the year before…


one was made for you, and that’s all that matters.


Made in Abyss episode 10.
@Skelterz well I know what you were getting at, and that was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in anime, more disturbing (to me) then the dog in FMAB.


Keep going



Edit: Season 2 was greenlit iirc, so even then… there’s more :smiley:


I don’t remember what happened in 10, what happened in 10?




Starts tomorrow, can’t wait. I’m fucking addicted to Isekai and can’t find any more isekai I want to watch that finished airing so now all I have is overlord 2 and this.

Made in Abyss spoiler

Finished Made in Abyss (first subbed anime I’ve finished).
Man that was sooo good. I do feel episode 10 was a little too hard to watch, and I do wish they’d chill with the child indecency (makes it harder to recommend to people I know), but other than that it was amazing (everyone already knows why so I’m going to leave it at that). I’ve actually been listening to the OST for quite a while, but it’s even better with the show.

And yeaahh Bondrewd…

Oh and got another trap to add to my list.


Just finished this up.

Wow, I really didn’t think I would not enjoy this at first. I only watched one episode a month or two ago and left it at that, but decided to return to it about a a week ago.
I feel that binge watching this show really got me hooked on it.
I would have otherwise gone insane waiting for the next episode, pretty rare for me to be drawn into a show wanting to know what happens next.

Been just passively watching show to pass the time and not really enjoying them with the except of a few.

The show deals with reincarnation, for the humans, and Yokai having to live long after the loved one has died.
I like the concept that they get to finally meet in the next life.


I got to the episode in the diner and was done.

When UQ Holder isn’t busy being trash it plays really well with the immortal angle.


What happened to the other guild members? (to be precise, the guy from the grocery store)
Will Moriko-san stay a neet or go back into the working world?

Doesn’t need to be that extreme. It’s not a story where the fate of the world depends on the MC defeating evil. It’s not an epic story (and LotR is hella overrated).
I don’t remember the name of the anime, it was about two shy highschoolers slowly falling in love with each other, and it was kinda open-ended, which wasn’t very satisfying but they went overboard by basically showing their entire life after the credits in a few seconds, which kinda sucked too.
Putting a more defined end on it doesn’t mean the kingdom has been saved, the evil monster is dead and nothing interesting is going on.


Tsuki Ga Kirei , very good

a proper end for Net-juu no Susume would be Morioka and Sakurai boning down, they’re adults god damn it not middle schoolers



Moving in together, getting a pet, struggling through financial issues, fighting over Mori Mori-san’s MMO addiction while Sakura-san earns all the money, Mori Mori-san becoming a streamer to earn money and eventually turn into a camgirl cause it gives more money (but doesn’t tell Sakura-san about it, he finds out and throws a fit, she kills him in defense, then panics and flees, police doesn’t find her, eventually living as a homeless traveler in rural areas and is kinda happy but the guilt of killing her love drives her insane, she freezes to death in a cold winter’s night, alone.
That’s the adult reality. Not some childish “fucking day and night” fantasy.


fox loli radar starts going ping

Alarms blaring

eyes lock on target


Thats what initially drew me in :smirk:


There aren’t enough fox girl anime out there, and there never will be. I have to take what I can get.


get ready for the feels bro