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Iirc it’s based on a light novel so the anime may never get to that point in the spoilers


“In the final episode, she gets married to Saito” episodes aren’t in light novels right?


I used to hate Guiche, now I can’t be bothered. I would feel sorry for Montmorency, but she still keeps gravitating towards him like a less-violent Louise.

The Italian dude with the eyes… I can’t even be bothered to remember his name. He’s like a carbon-copy of Guiche, but kinda like when you microwave some leftover roast chicken, it sort of tastes like it’s had necromancy done on it… not 100% there.




kinda but he acts more like he owns people (Louise in particular) more than the other guy, he was just stupid.


Outbreak Company has it as well. Astarotte no Omocha might have a little bit too (don’t remember, but it does involve characters going in between worlds), but… that’s getting into Ravioli Ravioli territory.


Watched this, I didn’t really care for the story but the characters were fun and it had some pretty comedic moments but it wasn’t one of my favorites.

Just looked it up, not sure if I want to watch it though, it sounds interesting but it sounds like it isn’t going to end after the 12 episodes.
And this review just kinda turned me off for that series is what this person says about right?

Story: 1
You see that summary up at the top of the page? That’s the entire plot. There is no development at all besides what is in that paragraph. Naoya, the 23 year old guy who looks like he’s about 14 and is voiced by a girl, is taken from his world to be employed as a member of a 10-year old girl’s harem so that she can drink his sperm every day. She hates men and is Rie Kugimiya. They pretend to have a plot near the end where the portal to the monster world is trying to erase Naoya and his daughter, so it starts with them losing their voices, but it seems by the very next episode the creators forgot that the characters were supposed to not be able to hear one another and just went ahead with it anyhow. So if you’re not watching for the plot, it’s gotta be something else, right?

Character: 1
Here’s where my real beef with the show stands. You find out eventually that Naoya was actually taken to the land of monsters years ago (11 years to be exact), when he was 12, and while he was 12, impregnated the queen, the result of which is his daughter Asuha. I’m not sure if they ever address it directly, but that makes her step-sisters with the princess Astarotte. But then they go to the same school later, and sit together in the same class. That makes them the same age, or at most 9 months apart which would mean more likely than not they would belong in separate classes. Therefore we can only conclude they were born at the same time, suggesting fraternal twins (clearly not identical, one is blonde and the other is blue). In the two characters biographies, it’s written that Asuha is the older sister and Astarotte is the younger, but both are 10 years old. Therefore… Naoya must also be Astarotte’s father. Which puts a pretty interest twist on things when he is taken back into the land of monsters to provide a faucet for her succubus necessities. By episode 12, he even says to her that he’s fallen in love with her. He KNOWS that she’s at the most distant, his step-daughter. And yet he’s there for that very purpose anyhow. What is WRONG with you, Japan?

Don’t really care about the character part but the story part is the one that really makes me wonder if I should watch it.


Hence the Ravioli Ravioli.


What is that supposed to mean?


Ravioli Ravioli
Don’t lewd the Dragon Loli

It’s the warning that I gave that the anime is basically Pedobear’s dream world. Lolis - promiscuous lolis - everywhere.

To answer your question directly, yes, that is the plot. Yep, those are the characters. Nobody would ever watch that anime for the plot. You watch it for the Succubus Loli and her Band of Merry Men.


Yeah, I was pretty confused I thought you were talking about the SpongeBob meme so it made no sense to me.


Yes, Louise and Saito get together, although the LNs cover quite a bit more about their relationship than the anime would ever show. I don’t know if it’s exactly like the events of what happened in the final season since the show was finished when the last two volumes of the light novel were not published yet.


I thought one of the songs in zero no Tsukaima sounded familiar, one of them sounds like star trek the original series ending song

can’t find the song from zero no tsukaima though.


Just finished episode 9 of Made in Abyss and I’m a bit bummed the bunny girl hasn’t been introduced yet. Judging by the outro video, I think I’ll see her in the end of episode 10 or the beginning of episode 11.


love her

Holy shit there is a 10 hour one of this fuck yeah




She’s like a suicidal, manic depressive furry version of Konata


This might be a good one…This season…


I can’t wait to watch that it sounds so good. But I’m gonna wait till it finishes because that is one I want to binge


I’m expecting it to be good, but the loud af din of everyone on the internet hyping it through the ceiling gives me pause for concern. The way I reacted to the trailer was the same way I reacted to the trailer for SukaSuka. It’s good, but not nearly as good as the trailer made it out to be imo.