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well if you have android have a look at its a really nice app and you can have tracking by logging into your MAL account


I’ve heard about that, but I’ve never really looked into. I’ll have a look this evening.

BTW, that URL. Someone’s a big Taiga fan.
Look at that there’s even fanart.

I’ll have a look at the Android one as well.


have you guys seen this site
you can find the streaming sites for anime legit sites as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and its quite nice shown me a new site I’ve not heard of before


That is incredibly helpful


I can imagine since you were trying to find a streaming site for overlord 2


With that no one announced anything until the last second, first Funimatiom did then CR right before it aired.


they prob only just got confirmation that they would stream it just before





I never considered it a help to the industry just a means of convenience.
Buy the BD’s if you want to support the industry.


Eh, that series is one of those series that doesn’t really need to end, sure it can wrap up a few things like character relationships (which it did) but there really is no way to fully end it without something huge like a character dying or moving far away so it kinda will always be open. It never had an end goal like other stories such as FMA and preventing the magic thing or lord of the rings and destroying the ring. But yeah I would love some more of that series.


Just bullshit excuses, I understand piracy is mostly due to a distribution problem but when it’s available as readily as it is today you just got to own up to it that either don’t want to pay or can’t.

Look at Netflix, not releasing series weekly like they do in Japan because they love their binge model. They are fucking with the distribution and only have themselves to blame when people pirate it.


well I just mainly prefer the quality of downloading anime over streaming well at least of the free streaming sites not sure about the paid streaming sites


Well now Netflix and CR are starting to become players in the financing of anime, even acquiring licenses is an indirect way the industry is financed.

The major problem is these studios not doing business directly with other countries.
Aniplex does now, they sell directly to the US too bad they are major cunts about it and severely limit the production of discs (look at Kill La Kill bd prices.



I’ve been there, it fuckin sucks.

Manga on the other hand…



What sucks about manga is unless it’s popular right now or is having a resurgence in popularity it won’t be published in English.
That is what I was told at an industry panel by the people who acquire the licenses.


At any point in the Zero no Tsukaima series does Saito tap onto his inner buddha and stop being a base, conscience-less bucket of hormones? I feel like I should go back and recount how many times they’ve pulled this stupid, dumbass “MC says he loves heroine but can’t stop ogling and feeling up other girls to the sound of saxophones because “Aa-! Iya-! chigau-! I mean- no, you’ve got this wrong, this is just a misunderstanding!”” gag, but I feel like it would just make me hate him more. Anytime the relationship makes any kind of progress, we have to have another one of these improbable situations that drag it straight back to Square One. Another character to add to my list of beta harem ragdoll MCs, and another self-imposed stereotype of the Japanese instinct to balk, stutter, run and hide from any ounce of confrontation.

At least whenever Koyomi Araragi is being a perv, he backs it up with 5 paragraphs of philosophy and wit so dry it could evaporate oceans, and when confronted on it he ain’t no lil’ bitch about it.

but I liked the use of a bazooka and WWII fighter plane in an isekai series, so I’ll watch it to the end I guess


It’s just another generic harem anime what did you expect?


Too much, apparently.

This is usually why I keep my expectations nice and low, but… the low-hanging fruit of a romance-making-it-in-the-end ending was too good-looking. Ah well.


Yeah I was about to stop watching it after I finished the first season but I read some spoilers and they get married in the last season so I thought it gets better, second season episode 1 was goood but then they took a shit on it, I hope the relationship gets real next season or at least the last season because the marriage thing will be pretty shitty if they just get married out of the blue while still being in the current relationship they are in. but tbh I hate the fuckboy with fucked up eyes that came in during the second season acting like he owns Louise more than the MC being a shitty stereotype. the other fuckboy from season 1 I don’t mind so much now cus his fuckboyness has died down (I really hated him at first though because he got so much screen time and was still too much of a fuckboy at first), the MC is kinda a fuckboy but at least he isn’t a cocky dick about it.

But when I read those spoilers I thought oh snap shits bout to get real, but it hasn’t so far :disappointed_relieved:

And yes I completely agree with the stuff from our world being there, I love isekai like that which is why I absolutely love Gate and want more series like it. If you know any series that have this kinda stuff let me know.