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And I don’t know how she could look an more intimidating when she’s got that battle outfit on.

She oozes authority, domination, power, control, and/or strength with ever word, step, glance, and gesture.



God damn the pacing for Black Clover is terrible


If you asked me a couple hours ago I would have immediately replied, NO WAY!!! But now


How far in are you?


Finished with episode 7.


Hehehe, prepare yourself

Heavy dose of Albedo in the first episode of Overlord II


When I noticed it was already too late. Should’ve used the break back then when it aired to squeeze in Genesis.


In a nutshell?


it’s been off two weeks and this week they feel the need to waste 5 minutes to recap the last thirteen episodes.
I know it’s shonen trash but I can’t help myself


So they try to follow shonen to the smallest detail and copy all the crap.

Was wondering when another episode of Net-juu no Susume was airing…only to find out it’s finished. The fuck? I hate it when something ends kinda open.


Discount Naruto with Screaming Tourettes.


So you’re saying Naruto isn’t an annoyingly loud brat?


Not saying that at all. But Naruto, afaik, didn’t make a name for himself just by screaming, did he? like, he actually did yell some vaguely cohesive sentences like “I’m gonna be the best something” or “I’m gonna be the next grand superperson”. Asuta seems to have become famous simply for screaming his lungs inside out.


There’s that gang of stupid teens who do dumb shit.
And then there’s that one really really stupid kid who tries to fit in but just goes full retard.
That’s Black Clover.


too bad im a perfectionist

gotta endure 50 episodes of this bullshit


in which way?
it takes to long to do one simply thing?
or there are a shit ton of things done in one ep which dont make sense at all?


It takes too long for anything to happen


okay I’ve found and its working nice apart from the fact I cant search all anime for something since I dont know when it came out and yes I know I can goto mal and search it there but I started using this to make it easier to track what I’ve watched and what I need to watch
and I’ve saw the search button above seasons I seem to be blind


That looks interesting, I don’t have the time to look at it now but definitely when I get home.
Need that for manga more than anything, started reading stuff only to realize I’ve read it before.