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I’m fine with sad/bittersweet anime, but I hate it when cute, adorable, heartwarming romances are dangled teasingly in front of my eyes before coming up with some typical Japanese-drama BS as to why they can’t be realized.

Anyone know of one where there’s cute romantic stuff but it actually turns out well, and the male MC isn’t a complete wet noodle? (Lookin’ at YOU, Azumi Koutarou). A total kuudere MMC like Io from Acchi Kocchi is the best male lead in a romance imo, but that was a slice of life comedy.


looks at own list

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I finished the first season of Zero no Tsukaima a while ago and am about to watch the next season but it is pretty good so far, I read Louise’s character profile on MAL and it said she marries him in the anime so I can’t wait to finish it (I don’t really mind spoilers, especially in romance anime cus it is either they get together or they don’t and if they don’t I probably don’t want to watch it depending on what kind of anime it is.)

Ore Monogatari!! is another one you might like, I’m gonna get started watching some more of that anime I just talked about but if you want I can send you a list later of ones I think you might like.


thanks fam ;3 have actually been planning on watching Zero no Tsukaima for a while now. Think I’ll do that now. Any excuse to have Rie Kugimiya back in my life =w= her characters are awesome.


Haha, yeah when I was watching zero no tsukaima I was wondering why something felt weird and then I realized that louise was being voiced by the person who played taiga.


And Shana, Nagi and Kanzaki, among others (at least those are the ones I associate her with the most).

Surprisingly she also voiced Alphonse from FMA, so it turns out that Al is a violent, raging tsundere.


@teckmonster @KemoKa73 I just read through the character descriptions of the 2 main characters of Shakugan no Shana and it makes the story and everything sound confusing and complicated af. Also maybe I shouldn’t have read them, I will probably forget the spoilers and everything else I read though lol. But to complete that series it will be like 60 some or 70 some episodes, how grindy is it?

Also when I read the spoilers it was kinda unclear if they get together or not, do they?


A little grindy, but the first few episodes are spent giving Yuji a crash course in the world’s mechanics now that he’s a Torch. Get past that and you should be mostly fine. I say mostly, because a lot of the details are still kind of a hazy mystery.

As for the relationship…

They do, but Yuji spends the entire 3rd season as the main antagonist, which put me off the rest of the show. There wasn’t really a lot of reason for it afaik other than shock value, the author could just as easily had Shana and Yuji fighting the Snake of the Festival together and defeating him in the end through the Power of Love and whatnot, but i guess in the interest of changing things up a bit they decided to have them at odds with one another until the end. Not a fan. The fight scenes are pretty badass though.


Well that and the most confusing part is going to be the beginning of Season 3 because they do not cover what the hell happened at the end of Season 2 until later in Season 3.


They do get together.

Light Spoilers for Shakugan no Shana.
@KemoKa73 Yuji being the antagonist is what made that show for me. I haven’t had my heartstrings pulled so hard by any other anime yet. The unimaginable heartache that Shana had to get though made that ending so much sweeter IMO. If Shana was fighting with him it would would have been just another anime, to me.


First English dub trailer for Eureka Seven Hi Evolution. Sadly the theater choices are pretty limited, closest one to me is in freaking Seattle, so that ain’t happening.


I’ve been watching too many anime series with fuckboys recently and it is getting annoying.


Which anime in particular?


Get some of that Cute Girls Doing Cute Things (CGDCT) anime :wink:


zero no tsukaima in particular, it has like 3 of them.


This channel takes the bests parts of anime and puts them in videos.


CR is slow af right now because Overlord II hype

also Hitori no Shita - The Outcast got a second season


Yee. Trying to watch my daily dose of weeb-entertainment but the website keeps crapping out on itself.


Ouzen is savege as fuuuck. Wow, I really shouldn’t like her, but I think I do… a lot.


Ozen is bae