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Campaigning for traditional waifu values?



do you wanna be poor with many waifus or have money with 1 waifu


Why not both? @Theonewhoisdrunk is poor with one waifu.


I’m still watching Black Clover, but dubbed so it is actually tolerable. It has definitely gotten a bit better since the first 3 episodes, but this plot is very dragged out and the pacing is my real complaint with it right now.






pm braindead my dude.


I wish Asta would die and the series switch focus to Noe with more mature/ violent tone


Are you autistic? Oreimo is way worse, it is the pinnacle of horse shit. At least eromanga sensei was kind enough to not have an ending.

Correct a sister is all you need is great, (spoilers) though if it continues with the revelation that his little stepbrother is a girl (fuckin Japanese and their traps, she’s probably lying tbh) it might go down the wrong incest path but probably not since the mc is pretty respectable and for some reason convinced himself that she is a guy.


What anime is that?


When it’s already the lowest form of trash why argue which is trashier?



Snafu made my heart hurt, need to watch again


I kinda already forgot most of it.
Kinda left a bitter taste.


Huh, I’ve already seen that but I don’t remember that.

Because I hate Oreimo with a burning passion.

It was good until the ending where they were like we both love you but lets all just stay freinds so we can stay together forever (but then they all quit hanging out once highschool is over and they don’t even remember eachother)

I completely agree


Oh yeah only happy anime for you


Hey, I recently finished watching…what was it called again? Something Bahamut fucks a Virgin? And Soul was somewhere in the name. Maybe should’ve watched that bible prequel first, though.
And Kamisama no Memochou, which had some laughs but wasn’t comedy.


I wanted some kind of closure, fucking Hachiman being so complacent.


Yeah should have seen Genesis first, it doesn’t matter in the first half but stuff comes up in the second half.