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There might be, but I got to chapter 42 and so far no banging. Slight innuendos here and there but no bone.


Well you have Boku no Pico for that


Yosuga no Sora?
Skip the last arc if you want.


Yeah AoT was super popular but I too haven’t gotten around to the 2nd season. I felt like I had to drag myself through the 1st one. Probably just not my cup of tea.


That’s hentai, which is just straight up porn, game of thrones is not porn really.


It’s a terrible meme lol. No one expects you to watch it.


Rem is best girl.

That is all.


Typical normie waifu

I assume you’ve finished Re:Zero
I joked to my friend about subaru and rem having _6afe6f4059ee9ba0e5d51ce18ebaa847


I’ve got 4 episodes left.


I think I’ll watch re:zero again




Also. Who the fuck you calling a Normie!?


Luckily, I have experienced so many hnnnnggggss that I can withstand the overwhelming amounts of hnnngggggg.

But now I have a burning desire to watch Sora no Method.


Where is that from?

I know the 2nd half is ‘Another’.


Sora no Method.


God damn you react too fast, I was about to edit my post after seeing your ‘burning desire to watch’ part of the earlier post.


Type stuff in, hit Tab and hit Enter. Done.

I love how this forum is put together x3


Fine you’re a Weeb now


Well I finished all of Yuru Yuri. What a fantastic show. Even after the studio change they altered it and took some of its elements of charm away but added some new ones and changed the feel a little bit without sacrificing quality, at least imo.

Now I’m halfway through Tenchi ryo-ohki 4 and it’s definitely the hardest Tenchi series I’ve sat through. It seems like it’s going to be a set-up for the next Tenchi and is pretty important in reintroducing you to characters in the universe but damn it’s rough to sit through. Reminds me of the part of the bible in genesis where they go through who is descended from who, so on and so forth. Just rattling off a bunch of information so quickly while expecting you to understand it. It was tough to understand the lineage when they gave you time to think about it, now they expect you to get it in 1 or 2 lines of dialogue lol.

My other complaint is the art style… The original Tenchi art style exhibited in the first 3 Ryo Ohki OVAs as well as GXP fit the show so well. With OVA 4, however, they’ve “upgraded” to the newer way of doing things but it sucked the life out of certain characters…

Just look at my favorite character Ryoko:

Ryo Ohki 1


Ryo Ohki 4



I don’t get it lol, I think maybe I understand it a little idk.