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Is attack on titan any good? I’ve avoided watching it because it sounds like it is overrated but the description kinda sounds interesting.


Pretty much non-stop action. I liked it, but not enough to watch the second season yet.

Something good to watch with friends.


Good thing I asked lol I would’ve hated myself for starting that series.


hahahahahahaa, no

the second season really fumbles with the pacing. worst thing is it introduces way more conflicts to the story than it resolves

@Reformed_JoelBanks, I think despite the action-ness you will like, yes it is way too over hyped but it’s a decent show. the dynamic action is a very big draw for the series but I think most stay for the characters and mystery.

AoT is not your shonen trash anime where a battle lasts 5-10 episodes and nothing is resolved when it’s done.

as much as the second season annoyed me, it introduced something to the world that I find very cool and want to learn more about.


Can you elaborate on what the action is like?


very dynamic, wooshing through the air and brutal


Well I mean what is it like to the story? Does it ruin it or is it the focus of the show? And is it beneficial to the story or is it just there to be there?


at times it is core to moving the story forward but characters aren’t battling to understand each other or other nonsense like that.

the world building in this series is pretty decent too

I would say the action is similar but not as good as Grimgar


I think we’ve come to the end shonen trash, The Big Three (Naruto, One Piece and Bleach) kind of brought the genre to its peak and we are seeing a lot interesting variation in stories, black clover being the exception, and also much shorter and tighter.


Oh, maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention.


I do seem to remember it being too much though, at lest for me.


yeah AoT is like “get how brutal we are?” yes we do “Here is some more!”


I fucking love AoT. Its like the GoT of Anime.


as do i but god it pisses me off with it’s bullshit




I’ve been sucked into more shonen trash

Ate a fist full of tylenol and started Black Clover, I wish asta would die and the story would focus on Noe.


I love game of thrones, so does that mean it has lots of betrayals, sex, and killing off characters?

Betrayals :white_check_mark:
Sex :x:
Killing :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:


Haven’t read the manga, that could have sex in it


There might be, but I got to chapter 42 and so far no banging. Slight innuendos here and there but no bone.