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Perhaps. I don’t know it just seems greedy. I’ll have to think about it.


I’m guessing streaming is small but growing part of funimation’s revenue and home video is what keeps the lights on. remember they aren’t just acquiring licensing but translating and dubbing as well.


Remember this shit from awhile back?

Remember how I said I wanted one?

thought you guys might like my wip transparent LCD side panel project

What I’ve done so far:
Monitor Disassembly ✓
Display Controller Mount Designed & 3D Printed ✓
SATA Powered for ATX PSU hookup ✓
USB Signal for Video ✓
Removed Anti-Glare Coating ✓

Stripping off the anti glare coating is the biggest pain in the ass. This is my third attempt, and thankfully the best one so far. Just some really light scratches. Damn my OCD. First one I did had a damaged polarizer due to the adhesive being a pain in the butt. Second one I did I actually tore some bits of the polarizer off. Doing some testing now on the latest attempt and it looks perfect though.

Waiting for some vinyl tint to come in from China. Need to draw up a cover for the LCD’s PCB and wrap some stuff in carbon fiber vinyl. Then I can ACTUALLY start mounting everything. Case is a Define Mini C TG.

And then once the case is done it’ll sit nice and pretty until Pinnacle Ridge comes out I guess…


Nice, how does it look displaying a black and white image?


White becomes transparent. Black becomes opaque.

Video playing, looks like camera caught it in between refreshes.


So nice


I just saw that video on insta, I thought it was some AR thing like that stupid hotdog or something, but it’s the side panel?


Wow, very cool.

I tried to make a projector out of a 1080p Windows/Android tablet a while ago, but I ended up cracking the LCD panel. I have another one, but I’m going to have to wait to try it again.

I want to watch anime on my ceiling above my bed.


It is indeed the side panel. Looks like that modder had some special videos setup for a more intense 3D effect since miku has a shadow in the videos.

Sadly my case, being a compact MATX case, doesn’t have enough space for a mini dance stage. Oh well, we’ll see how it turns out eventually.


Been watching enough anime lately to finally justify Crunchy Roll premium… Started with the 14 day free trial though so we’ll see if i burn through what i want to watch before that’s up.


you mean use the free trial to watch all the anime available on crunchyroll so you don’t have to pay right


probably but we’ll see.


Blood Blockade Battlefront is from the creator of Trigun, 2nd season is airing now.


Speak of the devil


I just sail the high seas :sailboat:


I’m too old and decently paid to fuck with that shit.


Watching Re: Zero. Good shit.


How far in?


6 or 7 episodes I lost track


Finished A Lull in the Sea, and (other then Namaka and the grinding tell episode 14) it was extremely good.

I’ve never seen so many love triangles in one anime, but I think they did a great job with the pairings except I wanted Miu to get Hikari. Miu is my favorite.