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I mean if you’re into a story about nothing but missed connections/love triangles then go for it but I’d rather stab my face with a fork than sit through it any longer


gamers v2 gotem


Its a really nice reunion so far.


Mah Hart.
Mah Sol.


why is the latest ep of Imouto sae Ireba Ii have instructions to make a bow with panties???
and I’m pausing and minimising since my parents got home from going somwhere for the night


Looks like a fun life hack for the ladies to keep their drawers looking nice.


well near the end it sounded like 2 girls had sex while one watched and then something like a threesome at the end


I’m sold, I’m watching this series now. Lol, I’ve already been watching this series but then I realized it is still airing so I am stopping until it is finished so I can binge it. I don’t think the 24 minutes have enough content as well as most tv series (not just anime) each episode doesn’t do much there are quite a few fillers or they just don’t do much to advance the plot, develop character, or develop the relationships between characters. I’ve only found one series that doesn’t have this problem, that is GoT each episode is filled with content and is great. That is why I prefer binging them because that is really the only way to actually get any sort of progression.


When the narrator is a main character, maybe there is too much narration. Also, a narrator isn’t a character…


this has a decent amount of progression and its not NSFW so you dont see any nipples or anything if thats what you like and it wasnt really 2 girls fucking if you watch you would understand


I’ve watched up to whatever one came out last week, I can say I wouldn’t want to be caught watching the first 5 minutes of the first episode ever. lol among other things

Eh, I kinda don’t feel like 24 minutes is enough for me to watch as it is airing, plus I really do like binging because it’s easier to remember what has happened and what is going on.


I haven’t been too impressed with A Lull in the Sea, but I just watched episode 14 and the feels are so strong.


I watched Beyond the Boundary: I’ll be Here and I’ll have to watch it again because the dub was disappointing ( watched dub to accommodate mother ).

Then I finally watched Your Name

Holy shit it was beautifully animated and really tight story telling. I never tuned out at any point, I think it deserves the hype it’s got. Will definitely watch again and again.

side note; after watching Your Name my mother said “Wow I’m starting to understand why you like anime, that was really good.”


Yes! Ditto! So great.

This is exactly why I want the stream up. As soon as that happens I’m going to watch it with my parents and the wait is killing me.


just buy it, totally worth it


She is ours now bwahaha!!!


got my sister with FLCL


I want to, but I’m a bit of a butthead when it comes to the the whole delaying of the Stream to sell more disks, so I’ll buy it used.


it’s like being mad that you can’t stream it while it’s in theaters


Perhaps. I don’t know it just seems greedy. I’ll have to think about it.