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yeah most likely, going to steam my mom’s BD player since all she uses is her Fire Stick for media. She wont be missing it.
Also so I don’t have to wait for digital backup and encoding.


I’ve still got my PS3 for Blu-ray


I never owned one, I bought an xbox one but sold it because it was not even used for netflix.
Also damn, need to buy Kizu Part 3.


True dat, and I’m glad, but damnit I want to stream it right nyan.


Is it out yet?




Yeah, I think it came out on the 27th

Getting ready to pull the trigger.


Oh fuck


Theater would have been great but there was no showings for me within a 2 hour drive.
Also I find this hard to believe this retails for $90 if so, fuck you ANIPLEX




Jebus, I added kizu pt3 to my cart then logged into my account. Almost checked out with $550 worth of anime in my cart…


I also considered adding all of the Bakemon BD’s to my cart when I got my credit card. Then I thought to myself… Do I really want to spend it on weeb shit?
Then proceeded to buy PC parts.


Fuck no, I saved that shit for later


No wish list funciton?
I never made an account, I always check out as guest with the same email.


There could be I don’t spend a lot of time on there


Holy shit, just finished Paprika
Not sure what to think to be honest.
The animations were really fluid throughout it, and the transitions were really awesome.


Just watch it two or three more times


Going to have to, there is so much going on in some scenes.

A friend recommended Perfect Blue after this, will look up.


bro its getting made into a anime


Yeah that is how I found out about the manga, was just so blown away it existed I forgot about it lol.