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But loli is referenced in so many anime


None that I actually watch really. At least I haven’t noticed it until now.

Kinda like how when you’re a child and when people slew curse words around you don’t know what they are and tune them out.


I guess, Genshiken is a major one since it’s about otaku culture


Another great video from Gigguk.

I’mma have to watch this if the dub is finished.

Edit: dubbed to episode 5, so I’ve still got a while.


Back Street Girls

A group of 3 yakuza failed their
boss for the last time. After
messing up an important job, the
boss gives them 2 choices:
Honorably committing suicide, or
go to Thailand to get a sex
reassignment surgery in order to
becomes"female"idols. After a
gruesome year long training to
become idols, they successfully
debut, with overwhelming
popularity, much to their dismay.
This is where their tragedy truly


This looks like comedy gold



Why on Earth doesn’t Funimation have Your Name up for streaming yet (。+・`ω・´)


Because of this:


Maximize disc sales


Why do I even bother watching Net-juu no Susume? Drag on, progress as little as possible per episode, then crank up the antisipation right at the end and call it a day.
WHHHYYYYY??? Just bring them together and let them be happy you fucking sadistic monsters!!!


Link isn’t working for me.

I don’t want to give my money to people/companys that do unnecessary/inconvenient things to us just to line their pockets with more money.


It makes business sense, why cannibalize your own sales?


I am just glad the damn thing is not at $50 like it was a few weeks ago. I really want to pick it up but bills are hitting me hard right now and I still got some gifts to buy.


My copy is sitting on my desk


stares at Paprika wrapped in cellophane on shelf purchased in September


Personally, if I want the disc, I’ll get it. Doesn’t matter if it’s up for stream or not. They’ve been milking that movie way too much IMO.


Watch it fagget


Well its sales were astronomical


Watched the dub for Blood Blockade Battlefront, it’s not very good, I’ll stick with the sub


yeah most likely, going to steam my mom’s BD player since all she uses is her Fire Stick for media. She wont be missing it.
Also so I don’t have to wait for digital backup and encoding.