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c’mon I know you can do it!


I refuse


A simple diagram of the demographics for anime/manga:


holy shit, three Pedantic Romantic videos in a month???

realized I got that backwards


ugh… all these delays for the english dub of dragon ball super…

It happened again, the thumbnail was too appropriate:


mfw wall of text


more than one mega-paragraph would have helped.


Do you want me to read it to you in an ASMR voice since you don’t want to read it? lol


pls don’t

also it’s been at least two years since i’ve seen FMA brotherhood and longer since I’ve read the manga and the two are kind of muddled in brain at the moment, hard really talk about specific scenes


God damn I love me some categorical matrices


I’ve been watching a lot of Gate recently. Its got a little bit of something for everybody. Really sweet 25 episode ark, could knock out in a free weekend. I wish there was more!



The premise is great and I’ve watched both seasons but it’s got this weird vibe to it that I can’t shake, especially early on that makes seem like a recruitment tool.
It very well could be I haven’t looked into production committee.


A like how, Japan is great? America is a bad guy?

I kind a lol’d at that. I thought it was all meant in jest.


Not that exactly, felt really rah rah military. Like a bad country song


Well yeah, that’s the premise for the whole show. Even then its still not that gung-ho about it.


It’s just a feeling I can’t shake at times.
Not saying the show is all about it.


Ah that’s fine.

Side note, I just learned what a ‘loli’ was this week. So yeah… :3


It took you this long?



I don’t really have any friends to talk about anime with, gf excluded.


I assume she is 2 Dimensions?

JKs /cries in anime