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Now that you mention it, they are quite odd.




Anime Lounge - [Traps are Gay Edition]


I originally came here to inform everyone I’m 12 episodes into Psycho-Pass but it looks like I timed it well with people mentioning the Nier series.

If you haven’t heard of this dude, I highly recommend watching all 3 of his analysis videos (I think total there’s like close to two hours of content)

It gives a really good summary of the story, who the characters are and also lots of lore goodness. Plus he’s actually pretty funny too!


Omg the ending of the latest EP of just because was hilarious anyone else enjoying it?


Been putting it off, haven’t started


Now my profile pic and user card picture have been holidayfied by the true and only goddesses.





Just finished FMA, tbh it was kinda average, I was gonna rate it an 8 but the last like 10 episodes (with the exception of the last one) kinda ruined it, like the action and story just took a shit lol everyone just kept dying and then not being dead and dying and not being dead then finally dying, then there was a pretty boring boss fight that was well pretty boring that boss fight took like 2 episodes and nothing was really happening lol. Whoever made that either didn’t have the balls to properly kill off characters and introduce something new and interesting as a challenge or was not very creative. The last episode was kinda nice because it did a decent job of wrapping everything up but since there were so many goodbyes and shit all the scenes just kinda felt chopped up and thrown in there as well as throwing in like 3 flashbacks and like 2 fast-forwards, none of the goodbyes really got the attention they deserved because each one was so short, I guess really the only reason I thought it was decent was because at least they went through the effort of wrapping it up where as so many other series just kinda end it and don’t really even try at wrapping it up. Also nobody got together lol, Winry and Ed did a really roundabout way of telling each other how they felt but it was pretty shitty, I mean who would act like that when the person you love just said how they felt (in a roundabout way albeit) right before they leave on a long ass trip where they might not even come back or might meet someone else, well I guess that is anime for you. Also, they missed the goodbye between Ed and Al before they went their separate ways. Now onto the story, it was pretty average and basic, pretty much just the cookie cutter story of a hero (in this case heroes) who had something tragic happen in their past and on their road to redeem themselves they come across some sort of conspiracy theory (the homunculus in the flask and his plan to become a perfect being through mass murder of sorts) and they beat them and redeem themselves. I can name several action movies/series that have the exact same thing pretty much, down to the government being infiltrated and the hero’s tragic history being the loss of a loved one. As far as character arcs go they certainly went for quantity over quality, they had like 5 or 6 in there and they all weren’t really awe-inspiring, compare this to Parasyte’s single character arc and each one of the arcs from FMA don’t stand a chance. You may argue that Parasyte also has a cookie cutter story I think they put a unique enough of a twist on it and their own style to call it their own, and as far as the story’s character arc goes he does lose a loved one that is part of his character arc but we experience it first hand and go through what the main character goes through whereas in FMA it is all just a bunch of flashbacks which for me makes it harder to sympathize with them. To be completely honest Roy Mustang’s character arc was way stronger than either of the two main characters’ arcs were, but still not quite as good as the example I gave. I think I’ve covered it all, the story, the character arcs, and the action, for all the reasons I gave on all of these I’d have to say I’d rate it a 7. The only reason I dropped it by one point was that the action in the last 10ish episodes was just so terrible with everyone dying and then coming back to life or just being simply assumed dead and then not fucking dying for no fucking reason when they are clearly dead and have no more use for the story cough Bradley cough and with how repetitive and grindy some of the action scenes were, and the boss battle that lasted wayyyyy too long because they just made him an uber tank rather than give him something else more interesting as an opponent, like the boss battle in this is what I hate about quite a few boss battles in video games where it’s just slowly whittling down his health and thinking “oh he is doing that, run this way to not get hurt then” (although all the characters were just a bunch of suckers for pain and didn’t bother doing much and stayed grouped so they sustained a lot of damage) or “hey he is vulnerable now everyone lay down everything on him”. Though I did like how they made up a plan and executed it and what not, things like that are always nice like ocean’s eleven kinda.

now onto the serious conversation, I would’ve loved seeing Darth Vader in there in Ed’s place lol, seeing Darth Vader pitted up against all the homunculus and the one in the flask or maybe even the imperial army executing the plan, only using troops though so it wouldn’t be overkill. What do you all think lol?


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envy is a guy who can shape change into any gender


futas arent traps thou


Have you guys noticed the ecchi category on MAL has 666 series, it’s the devil’s category lol. Also, wtf is the josei category and how do you pronounce it? I pronounce it like the name Jose in Mexican lol.



Mature woman series

Shojo is girls


I don’t get it


Series targeted at older woman 20+


shojo = it’s not illegal where the age of consent is 12
josei = adults


You didn’t like the very serious conversation I wanted to have?

Low key though what do you think?


I can’t even