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You like traps, isn’t it? :smirk: We will not judge you.


You know it babe :kissing_heart:


Oh my, I was innocent and didn’t know what a trap was before watching anime. Anime has corrupted me in more ways than just traps. I can feel my life slowly slipping away the more anime I watch.


Become the degenerate you were always meant to be.


maybe just moved a slider by accident and didn’t notice or noticed too late.



Thanks Im at my local doctors and scrolled past that -_-


You’re welcome.


I decided to just use a meme for my profile pic, does anyone know what anime it is from?


The top is cut off lol


Fixed it


shomin sample


“Threatened with castration should his sexual preferences not match the school’s assumptions, Kimito keeps up the facade to protect his manhood.” Lol that school doesn’t take no shit lmao. Sounds like an odd story, getting kidnapped by an all-girls school and being threatened with castration if he turns out to not be gay.

I don’t want to become a degenerate too fast so I will hold off on this anime.


Oh shit Tite Kubo is going to do a one shot in Jump. Hope it’s good.


Meh, inside you’re already a degenerate. Might as well let it out.

Edit: To be fair, you’re not a true degenerate until you’ve seen Hen Zemi (HenSemi on MAL) and enjoyed it :upside_down_face:


MAL description was terrible, what is it about? lol


Drinking tea I think
wait that’s k-on (gif)


It’s a comedy about fetishes, perversion, etc. Basically the students not only have to study peculiar things in those areas, but also have to do hands-on projects (and no, there’s no hentai or anything close in the show. The OVA, however, contains some uncensored tits which is as close to hentai as this series gets. I thought it was pretty good, but obviously not for everyone.


giphy (2)


Am I doing this female avatar thing right? can I be a weeb now?