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something something Power of Friendship?


Wouldn’t know I never read fairly tail.

The family tree in Negima is somewhat confusing though


Ever see Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki ?


Hillbillies and rednecks?

Something something my father is a dragon something the MC gets less and less important.
Fuck friendship, the show needs more bouncing boobies.



No but it will probably be completely fleshed out as UQ holder continues.


UQ Holder spoilers and speculations

it’s already been established that Totoe was made with bits of Negi and Asuna,
so he is like their child without them having to bone down and ruin Negi’s harem. I’ll take it one step further and say that Totoe is most likely a product of Negi and all the harem girls.


Asuna is like Negi’s Aunt… aint she. based on the first series, she is the “younger” sister of Negi’s mother.


correct, why they went the no bone route I suspect.

End spoiler.


@Skelterz @Novasty could we agree to put some kind of note before or after a spoiler so people know what anime/manga it’s about if the whole post is spoiler-ed? If the topic changes during an exchange of spoiler-ed posts it might be interesting for others without them knowing cause they think it’s still about the same anime/manga.
Just an idea.


The 2 blurred replies are still about the same topic.
Also for the after…
Edits @Skelterz post


Admeeen abooos!


1:30am and I’m still full of caffeine. Guess I’ll keep bingeing Kamisama Kiss. Neat show, but the opening reminds me so much of another anime’s intro and I can’t remember which one…


Hmm. I quite enjoyed Death Parade, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the last 2 episodes.

I got some Death Note vibes somewhere in the middle.


Watched Dragon Half, it was pretty good but far too short imo. Only 2 half hour episodes, not enough time to flesh things out a bit, but what is there is pretty good stuff.



What is happening here!? I think this just memed (or somthing) it’s way to the top 20.

WTF the first comment is pure cancer.

edit: All the comments are cancer.


why can’t they just use the Japanese title or a direct translation?
great manga, anime adaptation is solid as well. 8/10 gags get old some times but the feels are solid.
Jitsu wa watashi wa (actually I am a…)


Not a anime but I finally finished Strongest Deliveryman …


Holy damn are anime soundtracks expensive. $25+ each