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Download the actual application. There’s more adjustments like changing 8bit colors to 16bit, no file size limit and some stuff with processing speeds.

But the details I enjoy that disappear are particles or stars. They usually get blurred out.


OMG thank you. But ya now I’ve seen so color shift, usually with the 16 bit


Yup been using waifu2x with pretty good results. Only downside is that it requires a nvidia GPU due to CUDA, but that works for me. If you fiddle around too much it will cause your computer to crash lmao.





Hm…let’s see.
Put the new season of Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) on hold after ~3min. I suspect it’s just me being oversaturated with the show, can’t really tell if it’s getting stale too after just 3min.

S2 of Himouto Umaru-chan seems to be the same as S1. Don’t know if it’ll keep me watching. Fist ep was meh.

I have no idea where Youkai Apartment is going. And they really need to stretch it to 24ep cause it’s going so slow. But I guess I’ll keep watching.

And I’m halfway through Gugure! Kokkuri-san. It’s a nice, calming anime.


2 episodes of Black Clover and they are 90% flash backs…


Car Graffiti JK

It’s actually pretty decent.


I thought you were saying it’s ”car graffiti, just kidding”, but that was the actual name of the name of the manga.


they didn’t anticipate the 2CV

2CV as in that butt-ugly old car by Citroen?


Finished up Panty and Stocking, pretty good stuff if you want some (tons of) low-brow humor but done in a no holds barred manner.

Probably gonna start up Dragon half next.


It’s not ugly, it has character!


Oh crap I think I was watching that but forgot about it.

never mind its a manga, I was reading it though



That’s what people say about their ugly cars :stuck_out_tongue:


I have cars with “character”, but that car has too much, even for me.




Uhm…no, that’s just wrong. Fuck off, Tengu.




At least Kokkori-san is still normal.