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In Japanese, saying “I like you” really is akin to saying “I love you”. Actually saying “I love you” is a thing, and it does happen… occasionally… but very very rarely. It’s one of the reasons romance/drama anime can drag on for episode after episode because to us, MC is just being an unassertive, indecisive fusspot, and we’re not wrong… but in Japan, that’s seen as perfectly reasonable and understandable. The girls are becoming more assertive nowadays though. Although that only really solves half the problem.

Hahaha, don’t even get me started… when the government has to bribe people to have children, you know something is seriously messed up with the culture. “Boys be ambitious” was perhaps not the best thing William Clark could have said. “Boys and girls, raise and love your families” would have been far better in the long run, because the former sort of started a mentality that ambition and career is the endgame rather than a prosperous family unit. Time was, that’s how the traditional Japanese household was. But now they’ve sort of set their hearts on material wealth and success and good grief I’ve already got the train rolling what have I done…


It’s getting more and more open, which seems weird to me.
There’s always been those anime that border hentai with taboo topics (mainly underage “romance”), but I got the impression that until a few years ago that the situation about them was “yeah, there’s some weird shit. don’t touch that stuff with a 10’ pole”. But then it went from that to “b-baka, I only watch it ironically hides siscon pillow with stains in closet” to “that’s not serious siscon, it’s a funny parody” to “I have no idea if this is serious or parody or whatever”. The lines blurred so much in so little time.

Sounds like that would be social suicide and along the lines of “keep your weird shit to yourself, okay?”.

Meanwhile that’s a common joke on the western side of the internet that’s not a serious statement at all, just to get a laugh.
Unless you’re on 4chan, then you can never know if someone is serious or not about that.

Overall that sounds like having two personalities: one for society and one for yourself. Can’t be too healthy.


Hitting the keys “^ T h i s” with the force of a thousand suns.


hahahahahaha, yeah totally joking :sweat:


So you’re actually into scuba-diving balloon-farting?


not that particular fetish


Much disappoint…


Ok so after getting to a certain point in Fate/Stay Night and seeing this part in the opening (time stamped) I couldn’t help but pity Illyasviel. So when i discover Prisma Illya I really loved it even though it is pretty trashy.


I finished Fate Zero around 2 this morning I must say Iskandar is best Fate waifu







so many uses for Tamen de Gushi panels



Phantom World was meh, imo.

I only have four.



Watched the whole episode of Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
The beginning is extremely provocative, but the rest of the episode is nothing like that. Only a female friend who makes lewd comments about wanting a sexual relationship with the MC. Yeah, he’s obsessed with little sisters but so far it’s only an exaggerated obsession with no real stuff happening outside of his fantasies (which are limited to the first ~2min of the episode).


International top 100 anime pull results.


hell admitting they like some is too hard for most. i thought that was some kind of overplayed joke until i saw the population numbers and ages.