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yup I missed a fair bit since my subs randomly didnt show what they were talking about but I guessed fairly close to what was said when I could finally see what they were saying


has anyone here seen dies Irae? I’ve just seen the first EP and its interesting to say the least


Yup, not sure where I stand on it just yet since it starts at episode zero.


true its intriguing to say the least the start bit confused me at first but now its intrigued me


Well they have set up the antagonist so far, Reinhard Heydrich, interdimensional magic Nazis


I’ll be honest @ninja85a, I’ll be comparing this to Hellsing the whole way through


I see where your coming from and yeah Hellsing is goddamn awesome


It’s the best use of Nazis in anime I think.


watched a bit. fight scenes were eh~ and didnt keep my interest.


“I’ll show them how evil I am, I’ll hit not one but two of my underlings!”


Started watching Noir. Interesting first episode. Will keep watching it.


Get ready for dem fresh memes!


2:18, that is all i could take of A little Sister is all you need


Are you a fast fapper or is it that good?


har har har.

when the mc is fantasizing about eating his imaginary sisters panties that is where i draw the line for trash


i accept this challenge

ill let you know if i manage to finish Imouto sae Ireba Ii. or not


i mean if I was really fucking bored and had absolutely nothing to watch, I would finish eromanga sensei before watching another second of that


Tried for giggles, quit after 0:22

Completely agree on that.


well, at least it had balls that Eromanga Sensei and OreImo would fantasize about having. Right off the bat, too. That’s at least a little impressive :3


even if it is somehow a critique of the Imouto genre it’s just too much