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isn’t that an oxymoron? The whole point of a loli is that she looks young.


nope. That’s jail bait



That doesn’t need to be negative (okay, the no food/no money thing is bad). And I’m not saying it’s the perfect life-style. Living like that will eventually become unhealthy long term. But there are scenarios where it’s okay. And if it’s just a phase as a means to be able to transition into a better situation, rather than rotting away inside by being a “functioning” worker bee who lives by what “the society” sees as the way you should live your life. Quitting a dead-end job, not going out socializing with people you don’t really care about, just not being who everybody expects you to be, is okay. If doing those things just makes you feel miserable and empty then that’s how you’re wasting your life.

Balance is important and knowing what you want and what you need.

edit: as important as that balance is, as quick a neet can turn into a hikikomori (which definitely isn’t a good thing). If someone wants to stay at home it should be their own choice, not forced by any circumstances.


I know! I know senpai! Found it! The girls in that ちかのこ serrie on Pixiv




Started watching Fate/Zero


wow what a copycat


Yup, been meaning to for a while, it’s alright


So far I thought it was okay, not amazing. Hopefully s2 is better


Max hype!
Two Car is on Crunchyroll!

Well fuck, Crunchyroll is basically down for me


Oh, the joy of streaming services…




Houseki no Kuni has an anime this season.



95% of the time when there is they are with their husband trying to do so lmao.


Cute enough for ya? :smiley:


touka is best waifu


and I defiantly didnt download SAO ordinal scale then realise it was subbed in Russian


well just watched SAO ordinal scale it was decent for a movie but defo wouldve been better if it was a series instead of one movie since it wouldve been much more flushed out then this
and there is still going to be more SAO hopefully its a series and the characters are better actually it might be the one that was posted here I think a while ago or maybe not since I think that was part of GGO


Some subs are…questionable, even in English.