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just watching the end now I’m really confused about what sort of anime this is :confused:


Post apocalypse slice of life with a kattenkrad


Now this, this looks interesting.



Random cute gif of Nanachi & Mitty


Yeah it is good stuff…


@Skelterz I finished Centaur’s Life. I’m glad to be done with that anime. It never knew what it was. I’m not even going to put it on my watched list just so I can purge it from my memory.


No, you have to. Make sure to give it a terrible rating


The end of Made in Abyss was so good. Need more


Glad this is back…


Awww yeah! It officially started!


well, at least that OP music is good. There is that going on for that anime


How so?


The synopsis looks pretty depressing haha.


might hit too close to home for some of us…


New Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya! a movie this time, taking place after the 4th season


Something something Wojak


Only thing I would criticize is that interaction with other people in MMOs is always exaggerated in anime. Same with “in-game” scenes vs how the game actually looks.

The whole NEET scenario is actually pretty believable (socialize as little as possible, only go out if you need food, etc.). What needs to be seen is how that aspect will be handled (expensive gaming PC + current expenses + no job/no income = ?). But that hardly gets any attention in other anime dealing with that scenario either.


I think it’s fine, it shows how immersed in the game the character is. Also it makes for a better anime.

It’s only been one episode so far, still waiting to see what this show wants to do.


Is that you, Satou-kun?


Be quiet refrigerator!